Friday, July 27, 2012


I feel like this week flew by! I haven't been up to much though. Hung out with my mom and the cousin on Monday. Headed back to Austin Tuesday. Dropped Kacy off at the airport, had a job interview, and an EEG on Wednesday. Yesterday I had my MRI, dinner with Alexa, and watched Ben Baxter Band and Drew Fish Band play at Blind Pig. Today I've watched a lot of Workaholics (freakin hilarious, where has this been all my life?) and made breakfast. Borrrrring. But I'm soaking up these lazy summer days before school and my internship take over my life again in a few short weeks :(

For your viewing pleasure, here's some Instagram worthy things from my week:

Cute, I know. I was bored in traffic on our way to see the Titanic exhibit on Monday. It was really cool! Next time you're in Houston and are in the museum district, I'd really suggest going. 

View of Austin from South Congress. SoCo is known as the weird part of Austin (some would say the whole city is weird, but whatevs). There's a lot of really cool restaurants and eclectic shops down there.

No caption necessary. 

Papasitos is hands-down my favorite Mexican restaurant in the world. They have the best chips and salsa EVER. And the marg isn't too shabby ;)

Stormy weather in Houston. Boo. 

We went to the beach on Sunday. I felt bad for the fam because I was a little sicky and irritable all day :(

*Funny story to accompany this day: Like I stated earlier, I wasn't feeling too hot. Nonetheless, Mom suggested we go to the Kemah Boardwalk. I swear to yall it was a White Trash Convention. I've never seen more nasties (men with pony-tails, calf tattoos, drunks) in my whole life.  So here I am sweating to death with a pounding headache, when Mom suggests we go on the "party boat." I'm not gonna make everyone revolve their day around me not feeling good, so I sucked it up and got on the boat anyways. I decided to sit on the ledge, ya know.. just in case. They said if you sit in the front you won't get wet, so that's where I sat. Only one person on the boat got soaked... guess who it was? I was so mad. Oh and I forgot to mention... they played "Who Let The Dog's Out" on repeat. Torture, I tell ya. 

Last, but certainly not least, here's a pic of me and my beautiful Mama. I just love her so much! It was nice to hang out at home for a few days. Nothin makes you feel better than snugglin' up to your mom when you're feelin' down... doesn't matter your age!

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