Monday, July 16, 2012

A Longhorn Gameday

A few days ago, I purchased my 2012 Texas Longhorn Football Season Tickets! I've anticipated this season to be the best one yet, mainly because it's my senior year and if it's not the best yet, I'll throw a fit. I know I probably come off as a sports guru, but let's get real... football is not my forte. I pretty much know nothing about the sport. I know our QB and receiver are the younger brother duo to the infamous Shipley-McCoy duo we had the privilege of knowing throughout 2007-2009, so they're bound to be somethin good. My stepdad tells me all the time about how this incoming freshman class has a lot to offer, so we'll see.

But really, the game itself isn't really what makes football season so great. It makes it good, don't get me wrong, but I'm much more interested in the tailgating, gameday outfits, and school spirit than anything. There's honestly nothing better than a game day in Austin, TX. 

Let me paint a picture for you: it's 120 degrees outside, naturally, because it's Fall in Texas. You have on a gorgeous gameday dress with a pair of boots (no other shoe can be substituted, unless you're a freshman and haven't learned of the boot concept yet). Your hair is probably curled because you know if you wear it straight, it'll get sweaty and gross. Once you print your tickets and get together with your girls, you hit up all the best tailgates. For college kids, the best tailgates are either behind the stadium or on the MLK/Congress block. The Bob Bullock parking lot is one giant party, with lots of beer, lots of BBQ, and lots of burnt orange. And since it is 120 degrees, you'll need to consume several beers just to cool down. The atmosphere is incredible... country music is blaring, someone, somewhere is chanting "TEXAS" "FIGHT", and there are PLENTY of gorgeous Texas boys in Wranglers and boots. Mmmm gets me happy just thinkin' about it! After spending a couple of hours with your best friends and the best lookin' boys in the country, you're ready to head to the stadium. DKR stadium is like no other stadium. It's the biggest stadium in Texas and the 6th largest in the NCAA. 

Even half a mile from the stadium, you can hear the band. Once inside, don't even think about sitting down till at least halftime. As soon as Texas Fight begins and the Longhorns charge the field, the energy in the stadium skyrockets. It's a feeling you just have to experience, because there's no way I can describe it. And when we win and The Eyes of Texas starts to play.. oh my god. Be still, my heart. 

So... obviously you can see why I'm excited for this season. I'm already planning outfits. I'm sitting with my best friends andddddd we're going to have incredible seats, since we're all seniors. I can't even wait. 


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