Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Post

No one likes to listen to someone complain, so I'm gonna tell you why I'm happy today:

1. I LOVE my new internship. I am beyond blessed to work in such a great environment, doing something I love (even if some of the things are little mundane), with such cool people. I can already tell it's going to be a great semester.

2. I'm having a great hair day. My sock bun did exactly what I told it to do.

3. This is day 2 of no medicine and so far, I'm feeling great!

4. I just ate Jimmy John's. It's my fave.

5. School starts back up tomorrow. I guess I could complain a little bit about that, but I'm actually a little excited. It's my SENIOR YEAR! Where did the past 3 years go? Wonder what's gonna happen in the next 3?

6. We really like our new roommate. We were a little apprehensive at first, but that's just because we didn't know her and it was going to be weird having a stranger living in our home. That'll teach me to judge someone before I know them.

7. I've been really lovey dovey and cheesy lately around people I care about. They're loving it. 

8. I have everything perfectly organized and planned for school and work. I love being organized. I'm probably OCD, but it makes me happy.

9. I'm just really content with the direction my life is going. Everything is meeting and exceeding the expectations I had for myself. 

I couldn't think of a #10, but 9 reasons is good enough of a number right?

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