Friday, August 17, 2012

InstaFriday + Weird Dreams

Um yeah. So here lately, I've been having the scariest freaking dreams ever. It doesn't help that I've been staying at my Mom's for the past few days. My room at home is isolated upstairs and I always hear demon/ghost noises while I'm sleeping. Almost every night, I've woken up panicked and sweaty, but I never know why.. Scurrrry. I think it's because I'm coming off of a medication and it's sort of messing with my sleep habits (orrrrr maybe there's a ghost living up there with me). Idk. Anywho, when I saw that on Pinterest, I lol-ed.

Sorry bout that lil tangent. Without further ado, my week via Instagram:

Thank god I'm going to see my girl Adrienne over at Keith Kristofer Salon this week (go see her if you want a great cut/color + a new BFF). I'm starting to look like I live in a trailer park. Have I mentioned I don't have a lot of shame, especially when it comes to posting pictures like this?

#throwbackthursday on Instagram is my fave. I've been at my Mom's for the past few days, so I'm really getting to scrounge up some goodies. My brother Ben is totally rocking a mullet in this picture, my other brother Patrick looks like an angel (which is extremely deceiving), and I'm adorable, duh.

Another gem from #throwbackthursday. It was my brother, Ben's, birthday party and I just wanted to ride bikes with the boys! 

Tuesday night is Dollar Beer Night at a restaurant/bar near campus called Cain and Abel's. And this is what those dollar beers'll do to ya. On our walk home, I convinced my roommate to climb this tree. We're weird like that. Unfortunately, I didn't capture her falling out of the tree.. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

Thought my mileage was neat-o.

Hot chocolate in my favorite Halloween mug. Can it just be fall yet?!?! I'm tired of sweating every time I go outside!

Anddddd, this is me hula hooping in a bar. Don't question my skilllz. Ps. I'm sober in this picture. Remember when I told you I have no shame?

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) I had very similar hair pictures... well, probably worse, last year. I had my hair bleached just before I found out I was pregnant, and then once I found out I refused to bleach or color it until it was "safe," so by 7 months I had horrific outgrowth. Eventually it looked normal to me! I don't think yours looks bad at all! :)

    1. Oh goodness! At least you could tell people you were going for the ombré look haha!

  2. You look like you had a fun week! I totally agree about wanting it to be fall...I feel like I have so many cute clothes just waiting to be worn, but it's still too hot. And I definitely want to go to a bar where there are hula hoops! :)

    -Marissa @ The Modern Austen

    1. This crazy Texas weather is gettin to me! I can't wait for jeans and boots weather :) and the hula hooping at the bar is so fun! If you're ever in my neck of the woods, check out Rainey Street.. The bars there have tons of fun activities!


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