Friday, August 10, 2012


Every time I do an InstaFriday post it kind of freaks me out about how fast the week went by.

Last weekend, Kait (my roommate) and I went to Houston for a night 'cause I had to go to the dentist on Monday. It was nice to be home and have a good ole home-cooked meal! Plus, catching up with my parents is always fun.

The majority of my week has consisted on a group project for my media planning class. Monday night, I stayed on campus with my group till like 11pm. It was so frustrating. I had THE MEANEST girl in my group. Seriously, she didn't have one positive thing to say about anyone/anything and would get mad when things didn't go her way. And she called our professor the "C word" (HATE that word).. Harsh much? Ugh. Group projects are not my favorite. Thank goodness it was due Wednesday, so I had the rest of my week to relax.

Not much else has happened this week though. Dollar beer night on Tuesday with some amigos, an interview on Wednesday for my dream internship (nailed it, thank you very much!), Blues on the Green with some new and old friends Wednesday night, hung with my BFF Anna on Thursday, and today I plan on laying out and doing more of nothing.

I feel weird when I have absolutely nothing to do. Like, I don't know what to do with myself. Summer school is officially over, I'm not working, and none of my friends are in town. It's making me anxious. Normally my life is busy busy busy, so I guess I'm going to have to find new ways of entertaining myself.

Anywho, here's a breakdown of my week, Instagram style:

I love doing Throwback Thursday. This photo was from my very first time fishing. I was about 4 years old, but I'll never forget that day. Few things about this picture: 
1. My daddy was SO skinny. It kind of freaks me out.
2. I look like a legitimate midget. 
3. Not too long after this, Patrick and Ben (who I assume were around 10 and 13) took Daddy's truck for a joy-ride and crashed it into a tree.

Every other Wednesday this summer, Zilker Park puts on a concert series called Blues On The Green. It's free, so everyone comes and brings blankets, snacks, beer, food, etc. and just takes in the music and atmosphere. It's super fun. With me, is my long-time best friend, Chris and our new friend Monica! Monica is friends with my ex boyfriend, and she just moved to Austin, so he suggested we become friends. She's really cool and I can't wait to get to know her better!

UTPD is really good about keeping students and staff up to date with things going on in the area via text. Though this was an obvious mistake being sent out, I thought it was hilarious. Good thing I wasn't at (location) while (situation) was going on!

Monday I got some frustrating news from my neurologist, so when my dad called to check on me, I just broke down. It takes a lot for me to cry, but I was just so stressed, I had to let it out. The next day, he sent me this presh text message. 

I downloaded this hilarious new app on my iPhone called Cat Effects. My roommate, Kaitlynn, absolutely hates cats so I thought this was perfect for her. She was not amused in the slightest.

I finnnnnaallly got around to changing up the chalkboard in the kitchen. What do ya think?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Ps. Steve is recovering well from his surgery, but if anyone could say a prayer for an even speedier recovery, that would be awesome!

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  1. Happy InstaFriday! I'm your newest fan. :) Please check out my InstaFriday post if you have the chance.


    1. Awesome! Thanks Kristina!

      I will definitely check out your post :)

  2. The chalkboard in your kitchen looks great! And I love the (situation) (location)! Hilarious!

  3. What a sweet message from your Daddy! Hope you're having a good day!

    And I love that chalkboard and all you have written on it!

    1. Thank you Marla!!! Hope you're having a great day as well :)

  4. Loving your chalkboard message! Great idea!

  5. Your chalkboard is great! Your blog is like stepping back in time for me... I blogged all through college and graduated three years ago :) oh those memories of group work. I hated it. That girl sounds like an interesting one!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment about my board! That girl from my group was very interesting indeed; she needs to know you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar!


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