Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interview Essentials

It being my senior year of undergrad, I’ve gone on my fair share of interviews for internships. They can be really scary for first-timers! I’ll never forget my first interview… I was a nervous wreck. I had no idea what to expect, what to wear, or what to say! Now that I’ve gotten the hang of them, I can show y’all what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to dressing and preparing for an interview.
Though we don’t like to admit it, us girls tend to judge people based on their appearance. Not always nice, but we do it. For an interview, you should always dress to impress. Linked below, I have some of my favorite essentials that will help you look the part of the successful, hard-working girl you are!
1. Every girl needs a good investment bag that is versatile enough to be taken anywhere, whether it be school, work, or shoot… an interview! This neutral Kate Spade hobo bag in Oyster  is the perfect bag for any occasion.
2. I love this blouse from Express. It’s important to have at least one go-to shirt you can tuck into a skirt or pair of pants. Plus, this shirt is cute enough to be worn outside of a work environment, which is a win in my book.
3. While I love a good pattern, this Calvin Klein dress is must for a more serious work environment. Its modest shade and length tell your potential employer that you mean business!
4. Who doesn’t love a little Tory Burch? I know I do. I also know that my feet freaking hurt after a few hours in pumps, so her camel Reva flats are the perfect solution for those with tender soles.
5. This pencil skirt from Forever 21 is such a great deal. A black pencil skirt should be an essential in every girl’s closet (it can be paired with just about any top), and this cute one is less than $20!
6. I like to keep my jewelry to a minimum on interviews, just because I don’t want to look too flashy. I love this gold watch from Francesca’s Collections. Just make sure you are punctual, otherwise your watch will seem a little insignificant to your potential employer!
7. For those of us who intend to work in a more laidback atmosphere (i.e., me and the advertising industry), it’s ok to dress a little less serious. This Taylor Dresses dress has such a fun pattern, but looks sophisticated at the same time.
8. Though you can’t actually wear Altoids, I always carry them in my purse so I can pop one in before I meet someone important. These are absolutely essential–for two reasons actually: 1. People are generally turned off by gross smelling breath, and 2. Chewing gum during an interview is incredibly rude.
9. Last, but certainly not least: every girl needs a good black pump–they’re classy and timeless. I’m obsessed with Sam Edelman shoes and these black pumps have become one of my favorite pairs.
Additional things you should know before going into an interview: Always go in with a great attitude. A future employer will notice that before anything else. Bring a copy of your resume, just in case. Try not to say the word “like” in between every other word; it’ll make you look unprofessional. And make sure you know the name of the person interviewing you!
Remember: you got this! You worked your butt off to get where you are, so sell yourself hard!
Any other advice you would offer someone going in for an interview?

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