Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mi Amigo, Bink

As my number one follower, I believe my dear friend Adam needs a post solely dedicated to him.

Lemme give you a little snapshot of what Adam looks like. Tall, dark, and handsome:

Just kidding. He looks horrifying here. This was him on Halloween, dressed as his alter ego, a plumber/electrician named Bink Livingstein. Bink is super creepy, greases his hair, and loves showing off his buttcrack. He's single ladies ;)

But in all honesty, Adam is one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life. Here's a few texting conversations to prove that:

And here's a series of photos that describe our friendship perfectly:

Adam's also a really good listener; in fact, he lovessss listening to me complain! He's always got a funny story to tell. He'll eat potted meat for beer. And one time he picked my nose. I guess I'll keep him around.

Ps. Hope you liked this post Adam!


  1. Why isn't my phone number on here? If anyone can reel in the ladies, its a man that will eat potted meat, pick a nose in need and packs a sweet plumbers crack.

  2. This guy is hilarious! Love the peeing problem text...made me almost have a peeing problem laughing so hard! Love you and glad you have such great friends :)

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