Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transitioning Into Fall

As the temperature continues to drop, here's what you shouldn't do:

You should never wear leggings under your Norts (Nike + shorts, get it?). EVER. You'll look dumb. Pick one or the other. Or another option would be some yoga pants, a pair of jeans, or a pullover to keep you warmer as fall approaches.

So here in Austin, we've been experiencing a "cold front". And by cold front, I mean the low has been in the 70s. People are going freaking nuts. I saw a girl riding a bike the other day wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.. my guess is she got so excited about the drop in temperature that she forgot about the highs still being in the 90s midday. Hello, check the weather app on your phone. It's not that hard. 

With this cold front, I've already starting seeing an emergence of the leggings + Norts combo. It's burning my eyes.

While I try my best not to commit fashion faux pas, I do slip up every now and then when I'm feeling lazy or running late. I won't be a hypocrite about it, but these slip ups should never match up to sheer tackiness. So please, for the love of God, stop wearing this outfit.

And while I'm on this topic, if you're going to wear leggings as pants, make sure they're not see-through. I don't need to know what color your thong is.


  1. I could never get behind the leggings under nike shorts either... it always looks so weird to me!

  2. Wonderful post dear :))
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  3. I vote for leggings as the weather gets colder. They serve me well for my workouts. Totally agree about the see-through thing!

  4. ive tried to do leggings under norts but it DOESNT WORK! I wish it did because I like leggings and I like norts.! Have a happy Tuesday and be sure to enter to win a custom made shot glass! .

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