Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fact is..

Things in my life are starting to slow down. I like it. I'm still busy, but not stressed, which is just how I like my life. School is enjoyable (for the most part), work is good, and life is just plain fun. Sometimes I just sit down and think "wow things are so good right now". It's nice.

Sometimes it's hard when you get caught up in the motions and forget to acknowledge the good times. So stop what you're doing right now and think of 5 things that make you happy. 

I'll never forget a lesson I learned in bible study when I was in high school.. Our youth pastor had one of my friends stand next to a stool, then had another one of my friends try to pick her up and put her on the stool. It was hard. Next, he had one of the girls stand on the stool and had the other one try to pull her down. It was easy. The point was that it's so much easier being brought down than lifted up. It's hard being an optimist. It's easy to think of all things going wrong. 

Thinking positive is something I constantly struggle with, but right now life is so good and acknowledging it needs to be a main focus of mine.

Anywho, on to other pressing matters. One of my favorite blogs, The Chiffon Diary is doing a link party called "Fact is.." and I thought it would be fun to join in!

Fact is: I'm seriously contemplating doing the whole ombre thing to my hair. Mainly because my hair is growing at lightening speed and I just can't afford to take my butt to the salon every 5 weeks to have my roots fixed. So this is an excuse to let my roots show in all of their glory. I don't want to get carried away with it though--it needs to be subtle. We all know I don't like change when it comes to my hair. I cried when Kayla cut 6 inches off and I cried when I dyed it brown last year. This is a color I'm leaning toward: 

Fact: I cannot contain my excitement on having a niece!!!! Ben and Leah had their gender reveal party the weekend before last. Obviously, I couldn't be there, so my brother Patrick FaceTimed me so I could see the whole thing. I definitely cried happy tears when we found out it was a girl :) I am beyond excited to spoil her rotten. Plus, I have the best aunts in the whole wide world who I am very close with, so I can't wait to share that special relationship with this little babe.

Fact: I am absolutely starving right now, but I don't wanna eat until I finish this post.

Fact: I want to be more proactive at my internship, but I don't really know how to broach the topic because there are 3 other interns and we all share projects, so it would be hard for me to do stuff on the side.

Fact: Tina Fey is the funniest person on TV. I'm really into 30 Rock right now.

Fact: I've been eating terribly lately. I'm ok with it though. I need extra weight to keep me warm in the winter.

Fact: My roommate doesn't understand our walls are paper thin. I can't un-hear some of things I've heard recently. Barf.

Fact: I don't really care about the upcoming election. I hate politics. And I'm not registered to vote. Sue me?

Fact: I've been letting someone get under my skin lately that I should've ditched a long time ago. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't let people go.

And that's all folks. Have a fabulous Hump Day!


  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog. It's cute! You just gained a follower :)

    Follow each other? :)

  2. I love ombre hair! I think you should do it :) Im too scared to do it to my bright blonde hair but I would love it! Cute blog! Hope you follow me back!


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