Friday, September 7, 2012


What a week this has been. It's been my first full week back at school and work and it's not been an easy transition from summer :( If this is what adulthood feels like, I'm not ready for it one bit! Monday's and Wednesday's, I have class then have to rush to internship #1 then rush from work back to class. 8:30am-7pm. It kills me. Then Tuesday's and Thursday's I have internship #2 then class. I feel like I'm constantly running.

And all this running made me miss the last InstaFriday. So lucky you, you get 2 weeks worth of Instagram pictures! Hip hip hooray!

Without further ado (in chronological order)...

My city. It's beautifuuuuul. 

The weekend before last, some friends and I made a day trip to Jacob's Well in Wimberly. It was super cool and super cold. Everything is about waist deep except for this 8ft circle, which is about 40 feet. My friend Thomas brought his GoPro and made this sweet video ( if you wanna see what it looks like 20 feet down! I didn't have the balls to get my hair wet, much less dive.

I suck. And am not naked if you were wondering.

Found this hilarious picture of my mom and I on my phone from back in July. We went out to eat at Damien's in Houston and had a bitttt too much wine with dinner. Naturally, after dinner we wanted a fun family photo featured our pup. Obviously, Stormy (the pup) was terrified for her life.

The office at internship #2 is much like a zoo. There's Ace, the precious/giant chocolate lab, and Zombie, the devil cat. I was minding my own business, when Zombie attacked the back of my chair and got stuck. 

Gameday calls for my favorite boots ever. Hook em.

My last first home game! Bittersweet.

Last Sunday, we went to the Cathedral of Junk. This guy in South Austin turned into backyard into a huge pile of junk/work of art. 

It reminded me so much of that scene from Harriet the Spy where Harriet's nanny takes them to that windchime garden, but so much better! See video below for some nostalgia:

One of my fave Coldplay songs snuck into the Cathedral of Junk. That place was such a sight. I wanna go back again just to look at what I missed the first time.

Mandy and I have the stupidest/best obsession with celebrities, especially if they're reality stars. We feel like we're friends with them or something. 

Last, and certainly not least, Throwback Thursday. I adore this picture of my oldest brother and I. We're 8 years apart, and we were never really close growing up. Now that we're older and have more in common, we're really close. There were times when I was little that he was so mean to me or would have nothing to do with me. I'm so glad that's changed now. Also, another exciting thing about Patrick is that he's engaged! I'm so happy for him and Shannon!

So that's my week. Well sorta. I fit some other stuff in. Like homework. And eating. And babysitting. And loving internship #2. I get to do work that I LOVE.

It's so exciting to be excited about work. I know 100% in my heart that I want to work in the music industry when I grow up (which is scary, because I'll be a grown up in about 8 months!) and that's what this internship is all about!


  1. Kim has been so annoying on the Kardashians lately! I don't know how Khloe and Kourtney stand it! I love your cowboy boots--so cute!

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