Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have seriously been slacking in the blogging department. Sometimes I forget I have this little puppy. Life has been busy lately! Thanksgiving is vastly approaching, and before you know it the holidays will be here! I've been trying my best to soak up every moment of my senior year. This semester has been filled with so many fun memories. I'm really looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me! I should have an easy-peasy school semester, I have a niece coming in January, Spring Break in March, my oldest brother is getting married in April, Kayla is due in May (wooo another baby niece or nephew!), and graduation in May. So many exciting things ahead :) Not to mention all of the fun things my friends and I will do in between.

Though all this future talk is fun, I'm sure you're just dying to know what's going on in my present. I've linked up with Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect to do an InstaLately post. Here ya go!

So much orange leaving the stadium with our beautiful tower in the background!

Me and Kait being dumb during halftime.

Monica and I went to UCHIKO the other night. Great food, great conversations, and lots of laughing!

UT lit up the tower in honor of Darrell K Royal, who passed away Nov 7th. Not only was he an extraordinary coach, he put an irreplaceable effect of school spirit on the 40 Acres. DKR was my stepdad's hero, so this was especially sad for him.

With a new season comes a new chalkboard!

One of my dearest friends came into town last weekend, so we went to lunch at Hula Hut on the lake. It was unusually hot, so it was like we were celebrating Summer in November!

Last but not least, the face painting I got at Wurstfest. It cracked me up.

Hope you all are having a fabulous hump day! I know I am!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post-Halloween Post

I'm genuinely sad Halloween is over! I love this holiday. I love all things creepy and costumes and candy!

I think I did a pretty good job celebrating this year. I've tried pretty much every seasonal beer out there--Samuel Adams Octoberfest being my fave. The apartment has been decorated with spiderwebs for quite a while. I've watched Hocus Pocus about 8 times. I had two kickass costumes. I consumed my body weight in pumpkin spice lattes. I carved pumpkins.  I went to a freakin' terrifying haunted house and almost peed my pants. I survived Halloween on 6th. Anddddd I watched some scary movies.

Next year's Halloween bucket list will include a hayride, a corn maze, going to a pumpkin patch, and everything else listed above.

Though I'm sad Halloween is over, I'm excited about Thanksgiving! My mom's side of the family is coming down from Tennessee, so it'll be a good ole part-ay at our house for a few days. And by part-ay, I mean a lottttt of shopping, eating, and football watching will be done. Oh boy. I'm excited to see them! And right after that is my 22nd birthday. Blegh. 22? Officially the most anticlimactic birthday EVER. The good news I don't have any final exams on it this year, so hooray for that.

Anywho, here are a few pictures from Halloween, courtesy of my iPhone! I seriously have got to get a new camera.

^ This is my personal fave. My friends and I went to an MS charity walk in Houston and we all dressed up. I was so excited to be zipper-face! I sort of felt like a celebrity haha. Tons of people kept asking to take pictures of me.

We're on the trusty ole Ebus getting downtown. Don't drink and drive, folks!

Hope you all have a festive Halloween!

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