Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012: A Year In Review

Sorry for just getting around to writing this post, but wow.. what a year. This past year has been so good to me. It wasn't easy.. in fact, there have been days I just needed to sit down and cry. 2012 was a year of growing, a year of fun, a year of responsibility, and a year of pushing my limits. I can say with 100% conviction that though every day wasn't perfect, I was able to find an ounce of happiness in each day; that was my ultimate goal for 2012.

Let's take a look at my 2012:

I rang in the New Year with a bang. School started back up. I started my first internship at How Do You Roll? I ended my nannying job for a family I loved--doing this was hard, but I knew it was for the best. 

Found my routine with work and school. Celebrating Kaitlynn's birthday, which coincidentally was the funniest night of my life. Slaved over school. Beared the freezing cold. Spent lots of time with friends.

Spent a lot of time outdoors hiking and laying out. Went back to nannying a little bit. Decided to stay in town for Spring Break and work SXSW for How Do You Roll?. Dogsat (never again). Hung out with some great friends. Learned to not push myself health-wise. Went to College Station to visit my best friends--it had been too long. Anddddd my stepbrother came into town from New Mexico.

Really found my niche at my internship. Got to take on several of my own solo projects--loved that. Went home for Easter. Celebrated Taylor's 21st with old friends. Saw Casey Donahew at Nutty Brown. Wrapped up my Spanish class.

Had my last day at How Do You Roll?.. so bittersweet. Went to Tennessee for Kayla's wedding. Celebrated Mother's Day with my grandma's. Threw Kayla a bachelorette party. Kayla got married--so sweet! Got to sit front row at the X Factor Austin auditions and met Britney, Demi, Simon, and LA Reid. Had a brief, but awful internship experience--that turned out to be what I needed for the summer though. Laid out a lot. Started summer school. 

Enjoyed the heat and having nothing to do. Spent some time in Houston. Started this blog. Read a lot of books. Watched a lot of TV on Netflix. Went and visited Kelsey in Dallas... I missed her a lot.

Started second summer school class. Started dating someone new (spoiler: turned out to be a huge loser). Went to Messina Hof winery with Mandy. Had a really bad health scare. Did a lot of Austin-y things like swimming at Barton Springs, checking out the Cathedral of Junk, and trailer park food eating. My cousin Kacy came into town and stayed for a week; it was cool showing her around Austin. 

Slaved over the last leg of summer school. Spent a lot of time by the water. Trusted my gut a lot more than normal. Went to Blues on the Green a lot. Started school. Started two internships. Got a new roommate.

Stressed a lot. Quit one of the internships. Got a lotttttt happier with the direction my life was moving. Really began enjoying my classes. Got to work FowlerFest (so much fun!). Kicked off football season. Went to Jacob's Well with great friends. Met Graham :)

Loved my classes. Loved my internship. Loved everything happening. Celebrated Halloween with my best friends. Went to ACL. Parents finally bought land in Tennessee.

Still loved school and work. The holiday season was in full swing. My family came into town for Thanksgiving. Went to Austin for the UT/TCU game Thanksgiving Day. Graham and I got more serious. Went to Wurstfest with some old friends. Went to Ren Fest with my best friends.

Celebrated my birthday. My parents came into town. Worked an Eli Young Band Concert. Semester ended. Work ended for the semester. Went to Tennessee for Christmas. Celebrated New Years in Austin. And in between all that, lots of fun holiday events with my friends and boyfriend.

What an eventful year! And I know for a fact that I didn't cover everything. I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for me. So far, it's been incredible!


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