Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update

One of my new goals is to blog more, so here we go! I randomly found a super cute new blog to follow, Sami's Shenanigans. I was thrilled to see that she has a link party, so I thought I'd partake.

I really lucked out this semester thanks to my awesome boss and the registration gods. I don't have work or class on Friday's, so I get to sleep in and do nothing alllllll day long. I couldn't be happier. Graham and I went to lunch at Mandola's and walked around the Triangle Friday afternoon, then Friday night we decided to turn 80 and have a super relaxing night. We got Chinese, watched Happy Endings, and called it a night early. Sometimes you just gotta rest and recuperate after a long week!

His parents came into town Saturday, so we got breakfast and headed to the Erwin Center to watch UT play Kansas. I don't consider myself sporty by any means, but I freakin' love basketball. It's super weird. I could care less about football, but there's something so fun about a live basketball game. Unfortunately, the Longhorns have played like shit this season and we got our butts kicked. Still a good time though!

Saturday night, we went to a wine pairing at Hudson's On The Bend. Oh my goshhhh.. incredible food! I already want to go back :) After dinner, we headed to a friends house for a game of giant Jenga. Our friends built it out of 2x4's and wrote dares or challenges on each block. It's hilarious.

Then Sunday, my best friend Kelsey randomly came into town. She has a weird obsession with Zac Efron, and as soon as she heard he'd be in town filming the new JFK movie, Parkland, she had to get here ASAP to stalk him. So we spent a large portion of the day trying to find him. Turns out he's in NYC this week filming another movie... cool. I'm glad we found that out after hours of searching. 

All in all, a fun weekend! Hope yall's was as good as mine! XO


  1. GIANT JENGA! My boyfriend & I own a bar in FL and that was literally the first thing I INSISTED we have! Can I just tell you how ridiculous it looks after people are done playing and there is just a pile of wood in the middle of a bar ? Not a good look lol.

    1. Haha! Or how startling it is when the tower falls over?! Scares the crap out of me every time.

  2. I've always wanted to play giant Jenga!! Looks like so much fun! Just found your blog through the link up - newest follower!

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