Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm In Love

and I don't care who knows it.

This weekend, I flew to Nashville to meet my precious, absolutely perfect baby niece, Lanzlee. She's 2 weeks old and may or may not be the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Not that I'm biased or anything... ;)

I have such great relationships with my aunts and am so excited to become one myself. I already love her so much. I can't wait to take her shopping, paint her toenails, and give her back when she pukes on herself after eating an entire bag of Cheetos (sorry again for that, Angie!)

I think her head is going to be the size of Texas before she's even two years old. Everyone that meets her talks about what a pretty baby she is, and I just couldn't agree more. She's just so beautiful! And that hair... oh my goodness. 

It's so awesome to see my brother be a daddy. He loves her so much and seeing them together makes me want to cry. He's such a good man; they're going to have an incredible relationship.

Well.. this post took a turn for the sappy... oops. Evidently, love blinds you on you appear to the rest of the world haha.



  1. Congrats on becoming an aunt! She's beautiful! xo

  2. oh she is so beautiful! Congrats!



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