Tuesday, April 23, 2013

InstaTuesday - I like that better

Hello lovers. I was planning on a weekend roundup post for today, but realized I didn't do shit this weekend. And it was amaaaazing. Sometimes you just need a long weekend at relaxation station to ease your sorrows.

The past couple of weeks (and the next will be for that matter) have been hectic crazy. Tryin' to graduate is hard, yall. I have about 14 end of the year projects and no time to do them.

But guess what?

9 more days of my college career. Can I get a hellllllls ya? Mostly I'm just excited because this means in 9 days, I will never have to build another free campaign for ever again. No more tests, no more boring readings, no more grades. And that, my friends, is magical. Every college student I know hates group projects--that's a given. But I have seriously been dealt with some group members from hell. I like them all individually as people, but we suck as a group. And can I just say, having a group meeting at El Arroyo during happy hour is a freakin' terrible idea. I tried to tell 'em.... We deserve the least productive group award.

Anyways, on to more pressing matters: my Instagram. Ever since Facebook got a new design, I've kind of opted out of using it. It makes my computer run slow and I only see stupid posts nowadays. This brings Instagram into the forefront of my #1 most used app. Yay? Very pertinent information for you guys, I know.

This is my best friend, yall. She likes to keep it classy.

 Graham's hockey game on Saturday. I was the lone fan. (Also, Graham I know you're reading this--I realize you're not in this picture. You were in the box and I needed an artsy-fartsy Instagram pic. You love me.)

This boy cracks me up. He literally smiles for belly rubs and it is the best thing ever. I love that dog.

Ah, my second favorite couple. Garrett spilled his drink on Kaitlynn, resulting her fun, new lactation look. She was obviously very happy about it. 

I saw this lad on my way to class the other day. Evidently his name is Lizard Man and he's really cool? I'm just wondering why his skin is blue. And why his eyebrows have marbles in them.

Perfect weather calls for tennis ball throwing.

My precious little poppet made me delicious waffles one morning. What a keeper. 

 Boyfriend's selfies. What a hottie.

I just want to preface this story with the fact that I was extremely, unusually emotional last week. I was walking through campus, it was a beautiful day, and I teared up after taking this picture because I'm so sad that I have to leave the happiest place on earth (The University of Texas) in less than 2 weeks. Embarrassing much?
I know I'm not the only one who can't wait till Arrested Development comes to Netflix in May.

 I love this boy. I don't love the fact that my foundation is too light. 

Compton: Texas Edition

Yep. That's about it. The next Insta-whateverday will feature lots of sunshine, pool times, and beer. Because it's summer and summer means no school. Unless I get a job ASAP, then I won't have a summer. And that is depressing. I don't wanna think about it. So I won't.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I know I iterate this is every freakin' blog post, but I have got to post more often. I don't know how else you lovely readers will keep up with my super eventful life!

And by super eventful, I mean not that eventful at all.

Let's seeeeeeee... the last time I blogged was before Spring Break so I'll start from there. Graham and I went to San Francisco. Yep, just the two of us. It was seriously so much fun.

This was during our bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Yep. All the way across. My butt was sore for days. I was so pitiful. Graham made fun of me relentlessly for not being able to get up a hill.


 These drinks were our inspiration for a hotel change. We stayed at a DUMP. I'm not even exaggerating. I love to complain as much as the next girl, but I can suck it up in a time of need. We both tried so hard to suck it up at the original hotel, but we just couldn't. It was in the hood of San Francisco, yall. Anyways, back to the drinks. We went to a bar at the top of this hotel. It had these badass floor to ceiling dome windows that overlooked the city and the bay. We loved it so much that we decided to ditch our hotel and move into this one. Best decision we've ever made.

We went on an 8 hour wine tour to Sonoma. Such a fun trip! We met some really cool wine-ists (wine-o's, winers?). Made us wanna open up a vineyard ourselves, but then we remembered we're from Texas and around July, things like plants shrivel up into nothing.

One day we went to Alcatraz. This was probably my favorite part of the trip. It was so creepy being in the cells where some of the worst people in the country have lived. 

We also went to Pier 39 and did other super touristy stuff. Those sea lions are cray. It made us miss Graham's dog, Higgins.

Also while at Pier 39, we grabbed a delicious lunch. Unbeknownst to me, a bird was about to annoy the shit out of me. I HATE birds. Like, with a passion. Anytime I took a bite of my fried shrimp, it inched closer. Eventually I had to kick it away. Cool story, Megan.

Anyways, the trip was super awesome. We did a whole bunch of other stuff, but the trip was a few weeks ago and I feel like it's too late for me to spare every detail with you. I loved spending every minute with my love. We're a good duo. I can't wait for lots of more vacations with him.

After we got back, we jumped head-first back into school and work. Ahh less than a month now until school is over FOREVAAAAA. We've been concert-ing, spending time with our mama's, enjoying the weather, and anxiously awaiting my graduating.

Until next time!

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