Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well this is fun

I got the inspiration from Two Martinis to do a whole snapshot of life for the month. So here we go.

At the end of May I'm currently:

Reading: Just finished Silver Linings Playbook, now tackling "Where's My F*cking Latte?" to remind myself why it's a good thing I'm not someone in the entertainment industry's assistant. I also bought "Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?" by Mindy Kaling in honor of The Office ending.

Watching: Oh lord. Just started Game of Thrones. And naturally watching Don't Be Tardy For The Party, Real Housewives, Arrested Development (eeek a few more days!!!), Girl Code, and whatever else is on. I'll also probably start the Bachelorette soon. Graham is going to hate me.

Listening to: Country. Lots of it. Go get the new Randy Rogers album, Trouble ASAP. I need some good rap to come back into my life. I overplayed the A$AP Rocky album when it came out this spring.

Obsessing over: Coconut oil, laying out by the pool, finding a job, and making sure Graham has the best birthday ever this weekend!

Shopping for: Cute wedges, as always. I had a dream last night I bought a super cute maxi dress, so maybe that. Oh! And I'm in the market for a nude-ish investment handbag. Any suggestions!?

Wearing: Pretty much only comfy clothes 24/7. Butttt, I have been rockin' the white jeans and sun dresses because SUMMER IS HERE! Also, I cannot get enough of gold jewelry. It's funny... if you would have asked me 2 years ago what I thought about gold, I would have told you I'd never be caught dead wearing it. Funny how things change.

Learning: Perseverance and selflessness. This job hunt has been discouraging, but I gotta keep goin. A job isn't going to find itself! I also had someone very dear to me point out a selfish tendency that I had and it was extremely eye-opening.

Thinking: About how bored I am going to be come June! On a deeper note, I've been thinking long and hard about what I want out of life and my career goals and all that jazz.

Bothered by: Lack of job and all of my friends being out of town! Also, I have some sort of skin thing going on. Time to visit my trusty ole dermatoligist.

Eating: Cake. And eating at home more.. Graham and I are trying to eat healthier and kick fast food. Except on the weekends. We just love it so much!

Drinking: Water, Coke---the uz (ya know, short for usual. How do you even abbreviate that?)

Wasting time on: Blogging and Pinterest. But if you love it, it's not really wasted time is it?

Loving: Life. While everyday may not be my happiest, I know everything is happening in its right order and time. I am so blessed. I'm just super especially thankful for all of my friends and family here lately. I can't forget my Graham either. I love ya sug, always.

Praying for: A happy heart. And to trust the timing of everything.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

That One Time... Dragon Boy

Literally like 3 weeks before I met Graham, I met a guy on the bus on the way home from downtown. I was sober (because going to bars sober is like.. so fun) and was getting annoyed of all the drunkasses around me. Boy noticed me and we started chatting. He seemed nice enough and asked for my number. He told me he wanted to take me on a date Monday. I wrote it off as a drunk boy lookin to holla. 

Monday came and apparently Boy was serious about the date. I got kind of a weird vibe from our texts, but decided to go meet him for a drink anyways. Lemme be frank. I immediately judge a person based on what drink they order. He ordered Bailey's on the rocks. Just get a damn beer.. geez. Immediately, he starts talking about himself and how he's studying biology and wants to work in public health. "Like a doctor?," I ask. "NO." Ok... what's with the defensiveness? He then proceeds to tell me about how he feels as though it's his calling to educate kids about STD's and other diseases. Good for him. Kids need that.

Our conversation was ok. He's one of those that is overly interested in what I have to say, which is kind of a turn off because I knew he was faking it. Just be real. Pleaaaase (Graham, thanks for always being genuinely interested in our conversation. Love ya.) Also, he was an over-sharer. I learned on our first date that his dad has alcohol issues and his brother has serious anger problems and that's what led to his parents' divorce. He also joked about being obsessed with dragons, which I thought was kind of a weird thing to joke about, but ignored it.

After the drinks, I was ready to go home, but he insisted on taking a walk around the neighborhood. I honest to god thought it was the perfect time/place for him to murder me. I even texted my roommate to tell her where I was in case if anything happened. To give him credit, it wasn't totally his fault. It was just dark and we were close to a park. Anyways, the conversation got easier; I think the alcohol helped the both of us. When we reached his street, he asked me to come in for a beer and we could hang out on his porch. I obliged.

Rookie mistake.

The second I got inside his house, he made me use hand sanitizer. Yeah.... I know. He gave me a tour of his house and as soon as he opened his bedroom door I saw it. 

He had a GIANT collection of dragons sitting on his dresser. Stuffed dragons, dragon statues, little dragon figurines. You name it he had it.

All I could say was, "Oh you weren't kidding about the dragons..." Luckily for me, my phone "rang" and it was my roommate needing me to pick her up downtown. 

Too bad I couldn't have that beer.

A few weeks pass. I meet Graham and become smitten with him. Dragon Boy texted me a few times wanting to hang out, but I was always busy. I decided to tell him about my new beau and when I did he sent some weird joke about locking me in his dungeon.

Moral of this story: don't meet people on public transportation. 

Things I'm Loving

1. iPad Mini: I got this as a graduation gift and I am OBSESSED. I was super hesitant about getting one because I have a Macbook and an iPhone (and why would I need a cross between the two), but I find myself using it all the time. Also for everyone I made fun of for reading on a Kindle/iPad, you can go ahead an kick me. My B. Turns out reading on it is quite enjoyable. I'm also super pumped about my new aztec case from MonogramCase! Hurry up and get here so I can get over my irrational fear of breaking it.

2. Silver Linings Playbook: So you know how I said I made fun of people for not reading actual books? Yeahhhhh... so the first book I bought on my iPad was this one. Finished it in a day. So so so good. However, I cannot say the same about the movie. Whatevs. Bradley Cooper was in it, and really, I guess that's a win for everyone.

3. Spotify Premium: So Graham and I had this deal that if he got Netflix, I'd get Spotify Premium and we'd share both accounts. It was probably the best idea everrrrr. I can search any song on my iPhone and listen to it whenever I want. You can also make your playlists offline so it doesn't use up all your data. It's awesome. It's like downloading any song you want and having it at your fingertips, except not. Also, no commercials. Yay.

4. Tallboy Coke cans that don't exist anywhere but 7/11: I almost had a conniption today, y'all. I don't know if you know this about me, but I have a Coke addiction. Some people have coffee in the mornings and some people, like me, have a Coke. Nothing is better than an ice cold Coke out of a can. And like any good American, we all know if you want more than 12oz, you're gonna have to make the leap to a bottle. Today, my life was changed. I found out 7/11 now carries giant Coke cans. They were like the tallboys of Coke. I was so excited to buy one but then I realized I didn't have cash on me and didn't want to charge $1.20. Typical. You bet your happy ass I'll be there tomorrow to buy all the ones in stock. Cause I'm healthy like that. (Side note: I searched ALL over the damn Internet to find a picture of these puppies, and come to find out the only exist at the 7/11 by my house. Lucky me.)

5. Panera Mac & Cheese: I'm starting to sound like a total fatty based on this and #4. It's ok. #8 makes up for it. This mac & cheese is life changing. Go get it immediately.

6. The Nate Berkus Collection at Target: I want it all. In fact, if Nate Berkus wanted to come redecorate my whole apartment, I wouldn't care. I loved him before his Target collection, and since I'm such a superfan, I'm hoping he'll for sure come. 

6. (the other 6; I'm a dumb dumb) Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann: I can't help but love her. With my busy schedule in college, I mainly only watched (fine, still watch) reality TV because it's so mindless and I could do homework and watch at the same time. Leading me to get sucked into far too many Bravo shows, especially the Real Housewives. Kim's just so entertaining and ghetto, yet refined and pretty. She's like the perfect mixture of trashy and classy and I really just can't get enough of Don't Be Tardy For The Party. I cried with her when her parents sued her for visitation rights of the grandkids, I laughed when she was worried about getting mold in her wig, and I can't help but love her precious husband. Andddd after writing this, I've officially decided I need a hobby, or a life, or something. You know you have issues when you become heavily emotionally invested in a reality show on Bravo. Help.

7. Trouble by Randy Rogers: This album is awesome. I love Randy so much. I saw him in concert 2 weeks ago and have already bought tickets to see him again in June. Ch-ch-check him out. 

8. Working Out: I know this is probably a surprise to everyone since I complain walking up a flight of stairs, but Graham and I have been on a healthy kick and I'm shockingly enjoying it. Well, some days. I used to feel like crap after a workout. I accused Elle Woods of lying to me: "Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make people happy". And happy people don't kill their husbands yell at their boyfriend about turning the kitchen light off. But I digress, working out has eventually made me feel good. It's probably some weird magic happening to me, but whatever. I'll take it. Gotta get that hot bod, ya know?

Things I DON'T love: the job hunt, boiling hot weather, and my best friend leaving me for almost a month for her Eurotrip. Wahhhhhh. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


For the first time in 5 days, I've been able to lock myself in my room and not speak to anyone. I kind of love it a lot.

I graduated this weekend.

I am SO very fortunate to have a group of people who love me, support me, and wouldn't miss me graduate for the world. About half of my family came into town from Nashville to watch me graduate, so to accomodate all 12 of them, my parents borrowed a family friend's lakehouse for the weekend. Fine with me, because have you ever been in a college apartment before? Yeah, we ain't gonna fit.

Come to find out this lakehouse is a solid hour away from I live/downtown. Guess how many times I made that trip? Too many. I'm never driving again after this weekend.

Also, come to find out the lake is experiencing a drought. It was fun swimming in that water....

Anywho, my brother and his fiance, Shannon came into town Wednesday. We had lunch at Iron Cactus and lounged my the pool until my mom and stepdad made it to town. And because we didn't eat enough at lunch (sike), we headed to Hopdoddy shortly after to eat my favorite burgers eveeeeer. Seriously so good. Next time you're in Austin, make sure you go here.

Thursday, I somehow got conned into going to the grocery store with my mom. I don't know how she gets me every. single. time. We always go on a lunch outing or something similar and she always conveniently has to go to the grocery store after. What a trickster. Moms are fun like that. That night my  dad flew in so I took him to Chuy's for some Tex Mex and margs. My dad is really into live music, and since I wasn't about to take him to a college bar on a Thursday night, I took him to a place called "Hole In The Wall" by my apartment. I've never been to it, but I always hear bands playing there, so I thought I'd give it a shot. The bar really lived up to its name. It was a dump. The live band turned out to be some effing weird folk band in kilts, singing about their homeland and the birds. Let's just say I'll never be going back there ever again.

Friday was the big graduation day. Since my parents are divorced and my dad staying at the lakehouse wasn't really an option, he got a hotel downtown. I was stressed and on a strict time crunch because I had to get my uncle and cousins from the airport, so I rushed to pick my dad up to get the day started. In my fluster, I didn't realize that I had to somehow fit 4 people in my tiny Mustang. My dad and uncle are large men and my cousins aren't exactly small. Not the most pleasurable drive I've ever made. I'm sure we looked like a clown car. By the time we got back, my family from the lakehouse made it into town and we all crammed into my tiny apartment. The common theme of the day was apparently to cram large people into small places. It got hot, real quick. Around this time was when Graham finally met the whole fam. He was a little overwhelmed.. I don't think he realized there were going to be this many redneck people in one place. Poor guy. He was a good sport.

We hit up some food trucks and eventually made it graduation. I literally thought I was going to die sitting down there during the ceremony. It was 143 degrees and the whole time I was concerned about my cap and gown melting because evidently they're made out of recycled water bottles and can melt with heat. How very Austin of them. I also had this irrational fear I was going to trip on stage. Buttttt, I did it! And now I'm officially a Texas Ex. I definitely thought I'd be more emotional during the ceremony.

Friday night was all about celebrating and having a good time. Twas a great night with great people. I am a very very very lucky girl.

The rest of the weekend was a blur, filled with lots of food, lots of laughing, lots of alcohol. Oh and lots of driving. How would I forget that? Oh well, that's what you do when you celebrate. You go big. I really enjoyed having my family in town, but I'm ready to get back to real life now.

To my family reading this, thank you all for everything yall did this weekend. I am so very blessed to have people love me enough and be so proud of me to travel so far to watch me graduate. I couldn't have made it this far without your love and support.

Time for the next stage of my life! Finding a job has now become my full time job :)

Oh oh oh! And how could I forget?!?! A big congrats to my cousin/best friend for finally poppin out a baby! Happy birthday Ella Reese! You are so beautiful and I cannot wait to meet you! Being an aunt is one of my favorite things :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I don't even know where to start with how I feel. I officially finish college today. My last day of class was last week, but my final assignment is due today and I am officially no longer an intern. I graduate next week. Although my childhood has slowly been disappearing for the past few years, as of today, I am no longer a kid. My adolescence is over.

Now, my job in life is to find a job. Goodbye are the days of sleeping in, going to class for a couple of hours, and dollar beer night. My life is going to consist of waking up every day for work, coming home, having dinner, seeing my boyfriend, seeing friends if I'm lucky, and going to bed. Then the next day, I start it all over again. I have a deep, irrational fear that my life is going to become a monotonous routine and it scares the absolute shit out of me.

I'm so worried I'm going to be unhappy. I know I won't be, but here lately I've had this overwhelming fear that I am going to be. What if I suck at my job? What if I have a hard time making new friends because everyone else is moving away? What if I have no time after work to do me stuff? I'm so worried I won't know how to find balance between work and me time.

Buttttt.. before I get all worked up about work, I've gotta find a job first. Which brings me to my next point... SOMEONE HIREEEEE ME. This job hunt has been so frustrating. I know I can't really be super picky with my first job out of college, but damn. I've applied everywhere. Someone. Anyoneeeee.

In other, non-dramatic, more optimistic news...

I'm super excited about my family coming to Austin next week. I love this city so much and am so excited to share it with the people I love most. My fam is a little on the redneck side and well.. there aren't many rednecks here in Austin, so I'm not sure how the public (i.e. my friends and other bystanders) will take them. I'm imagining a horrible scene at El Arroyo on dollar marg night (where I plan on taking my brother and his girlfriend) where my brother gets wasted and no one can understand what he says due to his accent and we get kicked out for being rowdy. It's a beautiful image. This will also be the first time my boyfriend meets the family, so that should be interesting. Fingers crossed he won't be scared off by them.

Also, I'm going to Houston this weekend to see my mama for Mother's Day. I'm super excited. I love that woman. She's been so great to me during these rough times. She loves to listen to me bitch on the phone--it's her fave. And.. she's searching harder than I am for a job for me. She's awesome. I'm so grateful for her.

Speaking of people being awesome.. big shout out to my boyfriend, Graham. I love ya sug. Thanks for putting up with all the emotions and tears lately. I know it's not easy. Thanks for loving me so much.
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