Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well this is fun

I got the inspiration from Two Martinis to do a whole snapshot of life for the month. So here we go.

At the end of May I'm currently:

Reading: Just finished Silver Linings Playbook, now tackling "Where's My F*cking Latte?" to remind myself why it's a good thing I'm not someone in the entertainment industry's assistant. I also bought "Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?" by Mindy Kaling in honor of The Office ending.

Watching: Oh lord. Just started Game of Thrones. And naturally watching Don't Be Tardy For The Party, Real Housewives, Arrested Development (eeek a few more days!!!), Girl Code, and whatever else is on. I'll also probably start the Bachelorette soon. Graham is going to hate me.

Listening to: Country. Lots of it. Go get the new Randy Rogers album, Trouble ASAP. I need some good rap to come back into my life. I overplayed the A$AP Rocky album when it came out this spring.

Obsessing over: Coconut oil, laying out by the pool, finding a job, and making sure Graham has the best birthday ever this weekend!

Shopping for: Cute wedges, as always. I had a dream last night I bought a super cute maxi dress, so maybe that. Oh! And I'm in the market for a nude-ish investment handbag. Any suggestions!?

Wearing: Pretty much only comfy clothes 24/7. Butttt, I have been rockin' the white jeans and sun dresses because SUMMER IS HERE! Also, I cannot get enough of gold jewelry. It's funny... if you would have asked me 2 years ago what I thought about gold, I would have told you I'd never be caught dead wearing it. Funny how things change.

Learning: Perseverance and selflessness. This job hunt has been discouraging, but I gotta keep goin. A job isn't going to find itself! I also had someone very dear to me point out a selfish tendency that I had and it was extremely eye-opening.

Thinking: About how bored I am going to be come June! On a deeper note, I've been thinking long and hard about what I want out of life and my career goals and all that jazz.

Bothered by: Lack of job and all of my friends being out of town! Also, I have some sort of skin thing going on. Time to visit my trusty ole dermatoligist.

Eating: Cake. And eating at home more.. Graham and I are trying to eat healthier and kick fast food. Except on the weekends. We just love it so much!

Drinking: Water, Coke---the uz (ya know, short for usual. How do you even abbreviate that?)

Wasting time on: Blogging and Pinterest. But if you love it, it's not really wasted time is it?

Loving: Life. While everyday may not be my happiest, I know everything is happening in its right order and time. I am so blessed. I'm just super especially thankful for all of my friends and family here lately. I can't forget my Graham either. I love ya sug, always.

Praying for: A happy heart. And to trust the timing of everything.


  1. Hey girl. First time at your blog (is it weird to admit I found you on the daily tay and instantly had to check you out because we're both 22yo post-grads?). Mindy kaling's book is amaaaazing you will have so much fun reading it.

  2. Love white jeans and gold jewelery too :) Awesome for summer. Hope you achieve a happy heart and keep it forever :)
    Penny Rose


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