Monday, June 10, 2013

I had the manliest weekend ever.

Hiiiiiiii, hope you're all recovering well from your weekend. I'm not, because I was up at the ass crack of dawn this morning (aka 7am) and didn't get to sleep away my Monday sorrows like normal. I am not going to survive in the real world. Like, I didn't even really realize people could function this early, besides my dear grandmother of course. She's absolutely nuts and wakes up on her own at 5am every single day. Nuts, I tell ya.

Mondays have become kind of a bummer for me. I get so bored during the week because all of my best friends are galavanting all over Europe and ze boyfriend works all day. It sucks. So weekends are my treasured times because I get to have human interaction for almost 72 hours! Weeeee!

This weekend definitely takes the cake as a boys weekend + Megan.

Except Thursday night. I threw a pity party Thursday night and here's why:

My stupid AC leaked a giant puddle FROM WITHIN THE WALL all over the floor. And I didn't know how to fix it. And the water wouldn't stop coming. It was a disaster and kind of put me in a pissy mood.

And then my friends told me they were going to be an hour late. An hour!?! My biggest pet peeve in life is when we have plans to be somewhere at a certain time and that time gets changed. Be on time people! It wouldn't have been such a big deal if I didn't need to get back home early. 

So to kill time waiting for them, I thought I'd catch up on some of my shows. My internet had other plans.

Needless to say, I survived the pity party. I am overly emotional this week and it pretty much needed to stop yesterday. 

Anwaaaaayz, Friday during the day, my best guy friend, Adam and his friend Grahm (not to be confused with my Graham) came into town, so we floated the river. I realize floating the river is a big deal in Texas and kind of weird other places. The thing about having a really close guy friend is that they refuse to censor themselves around you. It's like you're one of them. So this 3 hour float consisted a lot of talk about farts, balls, and the cute girls around us. While I couldn't necessarily contribute to the conversation, I got a lot of laughs.

Typical Adam conversation with me. Told you I'm one of the guys...:

After the float, I met up with my Graham and his best friend Garrett (aka my BFF Kait's boyfriend--stay with me here) to watch the USA vs. Jamaica game. I need Kait to get back from Europe ASAP. I couldn't handle watching it alone. I took that game as an opportunity to catch up on my reading.

Saturday was a lazy day for G and I. Watched some movies and got some pup snuggles. Then that evening, we took the dog to the dog park, played video games, and drank a few brews. Side note: video games are going to give me an effing aneurysm. I get entirely too worked up over them. I also somehow develop Tourette's while playing, so that's neat.

And just when I thought Saturday was a lazy day, Sunday rolled around. We watched documentaries all day and pigged out on fast food. The second I got home Sunday night, I made a delicious salad and watched the Kardashians because I was in dire need of something girly. 

Seriously. Manliest weekend ever. I did so many boy things! I didn't put on makeup once, ate whatever I wanted, and laughed over gross boy things. I secretly loved it. 

Sami's Shenanigans


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