Thursday, June 20, 2013

Loving & Loathing

Totally copying Erin from Two Thirds Hazel on a Loving & Loathing post. Sup girlllll.

1. Turban Headbands. Can't get enough of these bad boys. Not only are they super cute, they hide my greasy hair on days I don't feel like washing it. Winner winner chicken dinner.

2. This quote. It's really really really hard being patient here lately. I know the right job will come along when the time is right, but I'm freakin bored here! And need some moolah to fund my Vegas vacation in a few weeks!

3. Puppies. I'm sure you read my post about being heartbroken; but if you didn't, it's here. I just love puppies so much and want to take them all home with me!

4. Coral and Navy. I'm obsessed with this color combo. In fact, I'm like 97% sure that's going to be the new color theme of my room when I move.

5. Gold accessories. I need these pillows now. Right now. If anyone knows where to get them, holla at ya girl.

6. Anything with peach in it. So embarrassing fact about myself: I ate my first peach about a month ago. I don't know where they've been all my life! Now I try to eat anything and everything with peach in it. I can't get enough.

7. Bar Carts. Conversation between Graham and I there other day: 
-M: Omg look at this cute bar cart.. I want one so bad!
-G: What the hell is that? Like a table you put drinks on? Put your liquor bottles in the cabinet. What're you gonna do with that? Wheel it around the living room and offer me drinks all night? No. 
-M: But it's cute!
-G: It's stupid.

8. A segway/vacuum. Why doesn't this exist yet?

1. Maxi Skirts. So cute on other girls, so bad on me. So unflattering. I had a dream not too long ago that I was wearing the cutest one, so the next day I woke up and went shopping. And came home with nothing because I look stupid in all of them. I want to be like all the other bloggy girls and use a maxi skirt as an excuse not to shave my legs!!!!

2. Avocados. I despise these things. Everyone else seems to love them, but I think they taste like baby food. Flavorless and too creamy. I do love me some good guac though. Weird.

3. This damn heat. Yall, while Texas is so awesome in so many ways, this heat is about to kill me. I'm dreading August.

4. Being patient. It's hard.

Yeah, not much else to loathe. Other than being bored, I'm really happy. Life is about to get back to normal--and by that, I mean all of my friends are finally coming home from their Eurotrips. PTL.


  1. i LOVE the colors of your blog!! Girl, I am 5ft nothing and I am in love with maxi skirts, BUT really maxi DRESSES are the real shizzz. Throw a dress on, booom you are done.

  2. I've been seeing those turban headbands a lot lately. I need to get one of those. They're cute!

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