Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet le boyfriend

Today ladies and gentleman (do guys even read this blog?), I'm going to introduce yall to the apple of my eye, Graham.

Yall have probably read about him and seen lots of pictures, but I haven't gone into too much detail about our relationship. So what better time than now to tell you how we met....

So every year, the second UT football season tickets go on sale, I gather up a group and we get tickets together. I've been in big groups, I've been in small groups, and this year, we decided to keep it stress free and make it an all girls group.

Come early September, the first game rolled around and we tailgated hard. I mean come on, it was my last first game ever. Go big or go home, ya know?

Just hours before meeting my love for the first time ever. Craayyy.

Anywho, us being girls and having our natural tendencies on top of the drunkenness, we showed up about 20 minutes late. There were boys in our seats. Um hello, that's what getting season tickets are for. To have a permanent seat. So I get pissed. When I politely tell the boys they're in our seats.. their reply was "Umm yall are girls. Yall don't know anything about football anyways, so it doesn't really matter if we're in your seats." Uhh no. I went off. I want to be very clear I am NOT a confrontational person, but how dare this guy be an ass to me? Also, I had a little liquid courage to help a sista out, so I'm sure that helped. He moved :)

A few minutes later, one of the boys (Graham) in the group apologized for his friend's behavior. How sweet. Turns out their group was seated right next to us for the rest of the season. Awesome. Couldn't wait to sit next to the asshole for the next 3 months. But, Graham and I spent the rest of the game chatting and flirting in a "make fun of each other" way--6th grade style. So cute.

I literally couldn't wait until the second game to see him. 

But of course he was too hungover to come to the next game, and I found myself getting sad over it! Ha! But he was there the next week. I totally thought he was into this other girl, so I played it cool and didn't talk to him for most of the game. Cause ya know, I totally didn't care. But around halftime, he came around and pestered me for the rest of the game. In the 4th quarter, I casually mentioned my friends and I were going downtown after the game, and he and his friends should come. He FINALLLLY asked for my number and said he'd text me when he got down there. 11pm rolled around and still no word. I figured he was just trying to appease me by getting my number. But whaddaya know.. at almost 2, I get a text saying "Megan?"

We finally had a means of communication!! *I'm starting to sound like an obsessed psycho. Promise I'm not. I played it cool in real life, no worries.*

Anyways, we texted for like a month (without hanging out. It drove me crazy) and finally planned to meet up downtown on Halloween. We kept trying to meet up, but holidays on 6th Street are a little nuts, so we kept missing each other. I was at one bar, complaining loudly to my friend about how hard Graham was to find. Some boys nearby overheard and said they too were annoyed with a Graham. Turns out it was the same Graham! Ha! What a small world. So we stayed there and hung out with his best friends all night while he was off doing his own thing. So so weird. We FINALLY met up when the bars closed and his friends gave us a ride home. My best friend was totally macking on his best friend, and Graham wouldn't even hold my hand. He did, however, insist on feeding me Doritos, which I guess was a nice gesture?

The next day, he felt bad about not being able to meet up with me, so we set a date to hang out on Halloween night. It turned out being a really fun night and he invited me to his hockey game a few nights later. Naturally, I drug my best friend with me and so did he. The two of them hit it off and are now currently dating (hey Kaitlynn and Garrett!). We wound up hanging out all night long and finalllllllly finally finally had our first kiss. And it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Except when I wanted to have the relationship talk and he pretty much just told me I was his girlfriend. No talk. Just telling me that. And here we are now :)

This has been the best 8 months of my life. We've definitely had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. He makes me a better person and we have SO much fun with everything we do. He can be the biggest sweetheart and the biggest goober. My heart is so full and happy when I'm with him. Graham, you are the love of my life. No one will ever make me feel the way you do!

And just for fun, here's a little survey comparing our answers:

1. How long have you been together?
G: 7.5 Months
M: Well technically our anniversary is December 1st. But we've been together since Halloween. 7-8 months

2. Where was your first date?
G: Hockey Rink
M: That was not a date. Our first real life date was to Kona Grill that day you worked from home. 

3. Where was your first kiss?
G: Matt's Bed
M: Yep.

4. Who first said, "I love you?"
G: I thought first but Megan said it
M: He might as well had said it first.

5. Who is her celebrity crush?
G: Aaron Carter
M: Ew. I don't think I have a celebrity crush.

6. If she was ordering drinks for both of you, what would you each get?
G: 2 XX
M: Yep. We love our Dos Equis.

7. What's the best meal she has ever cooked you?
G: Delicious Chicken, I don't remember what Kind
M: He loved this cajun chicken pasta. I'm surprised that wasn't mentioned.

8. What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
G: Some sort of Dorrito Chicken. Don't get me started.
M: Oh my god, that Dorito chicken was awful.

9. What would she say is your most annoying habit?
M: Yes! He does this popping noise with his mouth as close to my face as possible. It scares the shit out of me and 100% of the time, spit gets all over my face. I also hate when he gets onto me about stuff.. like putting too much dog food in the dog bowl......

10. What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
G: Puts a pillow over her head because the TV is ALWAYS too loud
M: Haha yes... but I also have to put on my chapstick and take a huge drink of water.

11. What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
G: Everything, except the retard face.
M: Good answer baby. You hate my dumb face. 

12. What's her go to drink at a fast food place?

G: Coke. Never Pepsi.
M: Obviously.


  1. You guys are so dang cute. I'm so excited to have you on my sidebar this month (even if you are rooting for the wrong UT) <--- tennessee vol fan here :) :) :)


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