Thursday, June 6, 2013

Strugglin' + Randomness

I'm all aboard the struggle bus this morning.

And I'm not hungover, so the reason I'm feeling this way is just sad.

I got less than 8 hours of sleep last night and my body/brain is feeling it this morning. When did I turn 80? I need a walker.

In other news, the Chick Fil A by my apartment opened today and I almost drove into oncoming traffic when I noticed. It's the little things, people. But seriously, this is like the Buckingham Palace of Chick Fil A's. There's like a super nice outdoor seating area, a walk up window, two drive through lanes with a little ordering house in between and everything! FANNNNNCY. I'm so happy, it's a little ridiculous. I should not get this worked up over a fast food place. Chicken Fil A is by far my fave fast food ever, but the closest one is a solid 20 minutes from me, so this opening is a big deal.

Naturally, I'm moving in 2 months and won't get to experience it's awesomeness forever.

Also, last night Graham and I watched that zombie movie Warm Bodies. Super weird, but super heartwarming too. I can't believe I liked it. You just want the zombies and humans to live happily ever after forever.

I got sucked into yet another $100 Target trip yesterday. All I wanted was to return a skirt I got, and somehow I walked out with a shirt and a dress, some BB cream (which btw, does it work?), and other necessities like trail mix and razor blades. That damn bullseye hypnotizes me and makes me buy everything.

Hmm.. what else? I guess that's all I got for the day. This officially concludes the most random post ever.


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