Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

And we all know what that means. Instafriday! I forget to post pretty much every single Friday.. I just get so excited for the weekend and everything blog-related goes out the window on the weekend. Le duh.


Stupid Apple Maps told me to park my car in some neighborhood and walk to Target. Okay. Sounds reasonable that Target wouldn't have a parking lot for me to park in...

Inspired by Brittany Furlan on Vine and Juliette over at The Other Juliette my roommate and I decided to pester her boyfriend at work by sending him this creepy picture. Hilarity ensued.

Can't wait to move out of this stupid complex. They installed a light right outside of my window that makes my room look like daytime at midnight. Luckily I move next weekend.

I've been taking boxing classes and I'm learning how to kick some serious ass. I punched Graham yesterday at Chipotle and he whined like a baby for hours. Well maybe not hours, but you get it. I'm tough.

Babe and I in Vegas.

Pineapple and other junk expensive martini. Twas delish.

I've never had to make a more difficult decision in my life.

Go away rain, I'm sick of you.

My girl and a bomb pop.

Figured it was time I made a summery chalkboard.

Talk to the paw.

Seems trustworthy.

The best kind of mail.

And last but not least......
Holla at cha girl.

Well there ya have it. Happy Friday folks. 

Oh and can't forget I gotta do #BackThatAzzUp Friday. Cause the weekend requires good jams.

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  1. that picture of those necklaces is ....mesmerizing

  2. great post, love the last photos so much! happy weekend wishes!

  3. Found your blog on bloglovin. Love it. Where is that place with all the jewelry? I definitely need to go there now!lol


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