Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shit Bloggers Say

As an avid blog reader (seriously, I go through my reading list on GFC daily), I've been noticing a few patterns, if you will. I get that some days it's really hard to blog - why you don't see daily posts on here - but comeeeee on, you don't have to repeat everything every other blogger is saying!

I know yall are all like whatever Megan, you do this crap all the time.

I'm not trying to call the kettle black because some days I am tee-totally guilty of building a post off of another blogger's post. Bear with me here. This post is all fun and games :)

So just for shitz and gig's, I've created a list of "shit bloggers say":

1. "I loooooove maxi skirts because it is totally an excuse not to shave my legs, amirite ladies?!"

2. "I know it's still summer, but I am so ready for fall. I can just TASTE the pumpkin spice lattes."

3. "This weekend I stopped by Goodwill and picked up this old crappy chair and remodeled it into this gorgeous pottery barn inspired chair in under 20 minutes! Here's how!" (please...)

4. "Anyone else on the struggle bus this Monday? Hollllllllly hangover." Also insert "I totally have the Monday blues." (everyone in blogland seems to have such shitty Mondays!)

5. "Now, while I adore fashion blogs, I am in nooo way a fashion blogger."

6. "These ladies are hosting a giveaway for over $370,000 worth of TARGET GIFT CARDS!" (bitches bloggers love Target)

7. "You know what's cute? Puppies."

8. "I'm a twenty-thirty-forty(?) something, just trying to figure life out" (OK, fine.. I'm guilty of this, but only because I don't feel like changing my about me every year!)

9. "Am I the only one who hates stupid hashtags?"

and lastly, my most favorite and most relatable...

10. "Is 10am too early for wine?"

Anywho, like I said.. not trying to call anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings here.. maybe us bloggers all just think the same stuff? Very possible. 



  1. lol, great list! #hashtagsforever

  2. Hey Megan! Just found your blog through Brunch with Amber. I'm a UT grad too (albeit 2011).

    And I freaking love #4. So true.

  3. lol!! I love the "please..." after #3. I'm pretty sure me and the DIY blogger live on different worlds. My world is not as craft-friendly as theirs unfortunately.


  4. Haha great post Megan, I'm totally with you on number 9!

    Ps. I'm not sure if you've seen it yet but I emailed you back about a week ago. I hope you got it! :)

    Sanam x

  5. Some of these made me hang my head in guilt. Specifically the fall pumpkin spice one. But I really CAN almost taste it and smelly the spicey deliciousness. CANNOT WAIT zomg

  6. this list sums up my life. well said, honey!

  7. There is something particularly awesome about Starbucks in the fall! Although I can't claim to be a huge pumpkin spice fan... :)

  8. Umm wow. I think I've sad 99% of all of these. Maybe I need to rethink my life?

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