Monday, July 1, 2013

Some things I need to talk about

Ok. So I went to kind of a weird high school. Half were normal kids (my friends) and the other half were very, very strange creatures. So strange, in fact, that I cannot force myself to unfriend them due to the entertainment they provide me with.

My best friend and I often screenshot and text each other the random shit we see on our newsfeeds, even if we never actually talked to that person.

Here are some gems from this past week. I blurred faces and names, because though hilarity ensues, they deserve their privacy.

Sorry girlfriend, but you are 24 years old. Get it together. Or don't. Maybe you can pull a Dorothy and get whisked off to Oz.

I can't even. And why does the world need to know this? I'm sure his Americanized, secular dream girl isn't going to come running after reading this status. 

We don't live in Miami. Please cover your butt cheeks. 

No adult needs to wear a hairbow. Please stop it. 

I would hope to God your baby is chillin with no makeup on.

Things I didn't include because I couldn't make the screenshots private enough: 
  • A Picstitch collage of someone mixing Sprite and cough syrup into a baby bottle, them drinking it, then them passed out in a chair. Why?
  • Another girl's Instagram photo of her new antipsychotic medicine prescription. 
  • People and their stupid hashtags when Instragramming their paleo diet meal. You people make me sick. 
  • And of course, the girl who recently had a baby and feels the need to Instagram her veiny "#milkboobs". Put those girls away. Now.

I'm not saying I judge these people, but good lord please learn what to post and what not to post for the world to see. I really contemplated even posting this because I didn't want to seem like a hypocrite, but I couldn't help myself.

I need people to only post witty, age appropriate, thought-provoking Facebook and Instagram updates. Is that so much to ask!?

Anywho, onto my weekend. It was super fun. Just what I needed.

Friday night, G and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Gloria's for some fajitas and margs. He had been traveling all week, so it was nice to have my sugar bear back. After that, we headed to Kung Fu Saloon, a bar/arcade downtown for some post-dinner drinks and video games. Things got really heated during Mortal Combat and I may have danced an embarrassing victory dance. Good thing he likes me.

Kung Fu got reallllll crowded reallllll quick, so Graham suggested we go to another arcade closer to my house. The second we walked in, we realized we had made a huge mistake. I was under the impression it was another Dave & Busters type place. Nope. Japanese video games only. And I was the only female in the entire establishment. And there was also no bar. Needless to say, our stay was shortlived.

G at said arcade place wearing 3D glasses.

Saturday, our best friends (Kait and Garrett) floated the river with us. So much fun, but it was packed with people. What you gotta expect with this heat though. I was put in charge of spraying G with sunscreen.... except that the sunscreen was on its last leg and I could only get so much spray out. Didn't really realize that until after the fact. He wasn't pleased.... Sorry babe! 

If it makes you feel any better, I think you look kind of like the muscular system, which is kind of awesome.

Oh and remember my post about hating maxi dresses? Yep, gave this maxi skirt a go at H&M. I look like a pilgrim. It ain't happenin'.

Peace out.


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