Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Shmeekend

I like to think my weekend started Wednesday. Because it did.

Wednesday, before we left for the lake, I had to get my ice cream fix. I'd been craving it for like a week and what better place to go than Amy's Ice Cream? If you're ever in Austin, this is a must. Mexican Vanilla with Reese's was a preeeeeetty solid choice, I must say.

After Graham got off work, we headed to my friend Kaitlynn's family's lake house. So nice to relax by the water and get out on the boat. Unfortunately, I was the n00b of the group when it came to wakeboarding. Kait's boyfriend was doin flips and stuff and I was just there, too scared to even leave the wake haha. Lots of fun, but boy was I sore the next day!

The 4th was spent in our swimsuits all day. We played (many) intense games of ladderball, had a couple of cold ones, and were all independent and patriotic and stuff. G and I left that night and as we were driving home, we saw the best firework show over Bee Caves.

Friday, Graham went to Dallas to visit a friend who just had jaw surgery and all of my other best friends were out of town, so I decided to make an impromptu trip home to see my parents for the remainder of the weekend. It's always nice to go home and get spoiled by your parents haha.

Saturday, I shopped with my mom all day. I'm moving in a couple of weeks and have been trying to find a new color scheme for my bedroom. Naturally, we hit up HomeGoods.. I mean you can't ever really pass that store up.

Saw these bad boys at TJ Maxx. Thoughts? I'm really into navy.

I've always been on the prowl for a stupid maxi dress. None look good on me. Seriously. Anywho, I FINALLY found one at Forever 21 that doesn't make me look like a giant pear.

Sorry for the boob shot. My hair and makeup weren't done yet, and no one wants to see a tired Megan. Also, ignore my weird toes. They're not all spaced out like that in real life. Promise. 

Anywho, this was Graham's response to the purchase of a maxi dress. I can always count on him to be the sweetest thing ever.....

That night, we went out to dinner, so I did my mom's hair all cutesy for her.

While waiting to be seated, I found a Paula Deen lookalike. It really kinda freaked me out.

Strawberry Basil Spritzer. So refreshing! 

You really just can't beat spaghetti. I'm such a child sometimes.

I also spent a lot of the weekend pouring myself into Sarah Dorsey's blog. Holy bananas this girl is talented. I want to be her. Or maybe I want her to come decorate my house. Whatevs.

Moving in t-minus 3 weeks, Vegas this weekend, and Dallas the weekend after! July is going to flyyyyyy by. Seriously where does the time go? Slow down!

I'll end today's post with this. My grandpa and niece. Isn't the cutest thing you have ever laid your eyes on!?!!?

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love Lake Travis. I have never been wake boarding before, but it looks like a lot of fun. I get sore a day after tubing, so I can't imagine how sore I'd be from wakeboarding for the first time!

    Btw- that text response from Graham literally made me LOL. hahah

  2. I'm jealous! Sounds like it was a perfect (looooong) weekend! I'm dying to spend a day on the lake!

  3. Ummm the ice cream looks to DIE for! I love your blog already, so happy I found you! Now following along :)

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