Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Tardy For The Party

Sup yall. I know I'm late for the weekend roundup, but ya girl is busy!

This weekend was spent in Dallas, visiting my boyfriend's mom because she just had knee surgery. Nothing too major. And like the trooper she is, she was up and walking around Banana Republic with us the next day.

Which reminds me. People's kindness lately has just really blown me away. I love Graham's mom to death, but she can be a little unorganized. So when Banana Republic was having the 50% off of 5 items sale for friends and family, she had to share her coupon with us. Which was super nice in itself but unfortunately, her nice intentions didn't pan out because of technology confusion (aka she didn't actually sign up for the coupon). So the guy at the register gave us his. Like his own personal discount. What a sweetie. I hope he gets some good karma. Whenever stuff like that happens, I'm kind of a spaz and say thank you about 40904898 times and freak out. I probably sound like a big idiot, but oh wellllll. I'm just really grateful. And a spaz.

So anywho, we just hung out all weekend. I'm pretty sure I talked to Graham's mom more than he did. Saturday night, we got pizza and helped them set up their new Apple TV. I want one so bad I can't stand it. And my stupid Wii broke, so I can't watch Netflix on my TV anymore! Wahhh. First world problems. It really cracks me up trying to explain technology to people over the age of 40. It just does not click for them. So naturally the Apple TV debacle was a huge clusterfuck. And I got to see a slideshow of pictures of Graham and his ex girlfriend thanks to the Apple TV because Graham's mom never deletes pictures ever. So... yeah. That was a blast. Good thing I haven't been super hormonal and didn't tear up secretly. Oh wait.....

Yeah. I'm a big idiot.

Anywho, once we got the Apple TV set up and explained, Graham and I watched Top Gun. We also figured out what we're going to be for Halloween. Stay Tuned. It's going to be hilarious and awesome and may involve me wearing a mustache.

Fine, I'll tell you. We're going as Maverick and Goose. I'm kind of over being a whore for Halloween and am opting for the funny route. See last year:

I went to a Halloween 5k like that. And really wanted to wear it out to the bars, but my mean friends told me I couldn't because they actually wanted to talk to guys. Go figure.

Sunday involved driving back home, ping pong, and TV. G and I are getting really into ping pong and I finallllllly finally finally beat him last night. I'm a really sore winner. I almost felt bad for my reaction. Almost. Then of course I had to watch my Sunday night TV, which including part of the VMA's and the Kardashians.

I'll start with the Kardashian's. I'm not actually opposed to eating my placenta after having a baby, but I sure as hell am not going to cook it. You can give it to someone and they'll freeze dry it and grind it up into little pills. Human's are the only mammals that don't eat their placenta after birth. And understandably so, but I've read that the benefits are incredible. You can read more on it here if you're interested. Fortunately for you and I, I'm not having a baby in the near future, so I won't be writing about placenta-eating and you won't be reading about it. Moving on. Where the hell does one find a chainsaw art center? Like do Scott and Rob just drive past it and decide to pull in? Does Scott know someone? I'm so confused as to how they wound up there. I'm really disappointed with Rob. He has so much potential and he won't accept any help. I know this because we're super close and talk all the time....

I need a life. I'm gonna stop there.

Now since I only caught the important parts of the VMA's, I'm going to talk about that.

Miley. Come on girl. Did you even practice your dance routine? It was so bad. So so so bad. 

And this:

Yep. That about does it for me.

I feel so sorry for Robin Thicke's wife. She must be mortified that some 20 year old, Cynthia doll looking chick twerked all over her Beetlejuice husband in front of millions of people. What a damn shame.

I'm mostly confused about her butt though. 

And of course, N*Sync was the highlight of my life. There aren't words for it. You guys remember when I freaked out about Jesse and The Rippers reunited? Yeah. This is 100000x better.

Welp folks, I'm done for the night. But I'm building something really exciting for you guys to share later this week! Stayed tuned :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I've been tagged

1. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
Growing up, my stepdad always told me, "you can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." Of course, he gave me this advice during my stupid hardships in high school and it didn't matter so much then, but it's really resonated with me here in the past 5 years. I'm a born people pleaser and this has been a difficult thing for me to grasp. Throughout college, my family life, and my jobs, I've really realized that you just can't make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try. Keeping this in mind makes life a wholllllle lot easier.

2. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
Probably Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars or Erin from Living In Yellow. I always look to them for some entertainment in my day! Sorry if this makes me seem stalkerish--I am......

3. Blogs you're loving right now?
I Wore Yoga Pants
Two Thirds Hazel
Life Of Bon
Little Baby Garvin (because I want to be her when I grow up)

4. What's your biggest struggle in life?
Mmm... this is tough. Probably being too critical of people when things don't go my way. Welp, that made me sound like a child.

5. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Hang out with the boyfriend. Cook. Decorate. DIY stuff. Watch bad TV. Browse Target. 

6. Who inspires you?
My mama. She's worked her ass off and given up her own happiness for so many other people's. She's the light of my life and my best friend. She is the most selfless person I know and I truly strive to be like her daily. 

Now I will tag 6 of my friends/blogs I love to follow & you blog & keep it going!
1. Beth @ Hang On Honey
2. Allie @ Tales Of A Twenty Something
3. Mason @ Mason... Like The Jar
4. Juliette @ The Other Juliette
5. Sami @ Sami's Shenanigans
6. Amber @ Brunch With Amber

Choose 6 of these questions to answer yourself!
1. What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
2. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?
3. Blogs you're loving right now?
4. What's your biggest struggle in life?
5. How did your blog come about?
6. Name one good deed you did that went unseen.
7. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
8. Tell us something we don't know about you.
9. Who inspires you?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I have a lot of things to say

Phew. Life has been moving a mile a minute.

Let me catch you up on my life.

I got a job. Yep, a real life big girl job.

I've spared yall the details here on the ole blog, mostly because not having a job was really affecting me and I didn't need to bring those kind of sad feelings around here. Also because it is my belief that certain things should be kept private.

Anywho. After graduating in May and searching high and low for a job for 2 months, I was starting to feel just flat out sucky. I went on countless interviews and sent my resume out at least 100 times. I really got to a point of desperation. I just didn't understand why I wasn't good enough for these people. I graduated from a great university with one of the best programs in the country. I had plenty of internship experience and I could rock an interview. But no fish were biting. It also didn't help that all of my friends were in Europe/back in their home towns and all I had was Graham. Every. Day.

Don't get me wrong, I could spend every second with Graham and not get tired of him, but I needed some friends and all of mine were gone. I couldn't help but throw a raging pity party on the reg. Poor Graham. I cried more than necessary. I would patiently wait all day for him to get off work and hang out with me. Hell, some days I would drive 20 minutes to pick up his dog just so I could have some company. It blew.

But then one day, I got a call from someone I interviewed with in May. They wanted me. And they wanted me to start a week from that day. That was on a Wednesday. I was moving out of my apartment that Friday/Saturday and my mom was coming into town Monday and Tuesday. 

Talk about timing. Murphy's law right? Anything that can happen will happen. And guess what? Everything under the sun happened in that dang week. 

I've now been at my job for 2 weeks today and I like it. Having a job is weird. In college, I could pretty much do whatever the hell I wanted, whenever the hell I wanted. If I wanted to go to the grocery store at 2pm, I could. No issue. If I wanted to go out on a Tuesday and stay out till 2am, I could. I worked 4 hour shifts at my internship and was only in class 1.5 hours a few times a day. And for my last half of college, I had nothing on Fridays. Life was easy peasy. 

Life with a job is hard. It is incredibly rewarding seeing the work I'm doing, making a business successful. It's pretty awesome. My internship work was busy work. I've learned more these past 2 weeks than I have in the past year. I'm making work friends and finally finishing up training. And the paycheck I got today ain't half bad. It makes sitting at a desk all day so much better.

It's also funny how sitting at a desk all day can make you SO TIRED. Like how? I don't exert any actual physical activity. I don't really think that hard. Come 6pm I am exhausted.

Which brings me to my next point. How do people actually have time to do stuff after work? By the time I get off work, sit in traffic for 30-40 minutes, get home, and eat dinner it's already like 7:30. How do people workout and go to dinners and get chores done on weeknights? It's been interesting learning how to balance my time--i.e., between myself, my boyfriend, my friends, chores, and errands. 

So my nights have consisted of making my apartment a home and helping Graham make his apartment a home. We both moved on the same weekend and lost a lot of furniture in the process. G's roommate took a lot of theirs and I sold a lot of mine on Craigslist. I'm a big girl now, ain't nobody got time for IKEA stuff! Jk I still do. Because grown up stuff like fancy furniture and washers and dryers are expensive. I had no idea.

But ya know what? Life's been good to me. I'm in a really good place now, besides not having any free time haha. I'm really happy. 

More to come later this week :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

A, B, C, D, E, F it's Friday!

Welp. It's Friday. Finally. Good Lord.

I started a new job on Wednesday (more on that later) and all I can say is this real world bullshit is exhausted. Why is being in an office so exhausted? However, things are going really well! And like I said, I'll indulge all the deets sometime soon. It's worth a whole post by itself. Yippeeeee!

On to other pressing matters.. I used to be the queen of Myspace surveys. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the queen of Myspace. I had so many friends. I'll never forget one time during my sophomore year of high school... I was eating at a Mexican restaurant with my friends and some random girl came up to me and told me she loved my layout and song. Gah. What a celebrity. Too bad my 15 minutes of Myspace fame faded away the second Facebook came out.

Back to the survey. I loved these. I couldn't resist the urge to do one here... so here we go.

A: Attached or Single? Attached at the hip with my sugar bear, G.

Speaking of which, he bought me 3 DOZEN ROSES for my first day of work. Be still my heart. He's such a keeper.

B: Best Friend? Graham and Kitty Kait. And of course I can’t forget my high school bff’s Kelsey and Courtney and these two dweebs, Anna & Adam.

C: Cake or pie? Cake. Chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Or strawberry cake. That shit is my jam.

D: Day of choice? I used to not have one until I started this whole work showbiz. Now it’s Saturday. I can sleep late AND stay up late! Woo party animal.

E: Essential item? Jazzy fizzle iphone-izzle. Where in the world did that come from?

F: Favorite color? Black. Or navy. Or white. I don’t know. Turquoise?

G: Gummy bears or worms? Worms. And they need to be sour.

H: Hometown? Houston

I: Favorite indulgence? Well crap. I have so many. Sweets, first and foremost. Then fast food. Anything fried is my favorite. OH and ranch dressing. But only restaurant ranch. Hidden Valley is for peasants and people with no taste buds. Umm.. just realized these were all food related. I also love bubble baths, sleeping in, and crappy reality TV.

J: January or July? July. Anything that is remnant to after-Christmas depression is the worst.

K: Kids? I like babies only. Anyone between the ages of 4-17 suck. Unless they’re cute and super well-behaved, but those kids are few and far between. Read this immediately.

L: Life isn’t complete without? Knowing that people love and support you no matter what.  I am so damn lucky to have the people I have in my life. They really make life worth living.

M: Marriage date? Uhh…

N: Number of brothers/sisters? 2 big brothers, a step-sister, and a step-brother.

O: Oranges or Apples? Apples. I have a stupid permanent top retainer from my braces, so I can’t really bite into an apple without my retainer breaking off.

P: Phobias/Fears? Snakes, breaking a bone, spiders, being kidnapped, something happening to Graham’s dog while I’m watching him, creepy noises at night, and the Chuckie doll. Geez, what a scaredy cat!

Q: Quotes? Trust your struggle.

R: Reasons to smile? I gotta a roof over my head, food on my table, and a bed to sleep in. I’m also pretty damn lucky that I have the best friends, family, and boyfriend in the world. Also… it’s almost the weekend so I’m pretty excited about that. I’m also smiling because of these gorgeous roses G bought me. And the fact that work is going smoothly. And that Kanye is playing on the loud speaker. SO MUCH TO BE HAPPY ABOUT!

S: Season of choice? Fall or Summer

T: Tag 5 People. No.

U: Unknown fact about me?  I’m really OCD about how things are organized. Like really bad. You should see my closet.

V: Vegetable? Like my favorite? Green beans or squash. Mac & Cheese is a veggie right?

W: Worst habit? Acting on impulse.

X: Xray or Ultrasound? Never had either.

Y: Your favorite food? Chick Fil A. Or Mongolian Beef from PF Changs.

Z: Zodiac sign? Sagittarius

That's all I got folks. Have a fabulous weekend, I know (in between unpacking and visiting with a friend from out of town) I will!
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