Monday, August 26, 2013

Tardy For The Party

Sup yall. I know I'm late for the weekend roundup, but ya girl is busy!

This weekend was spent in Dallas, visiting my boyfriend's mom because she just had knee surgery. Nothing too major. And like the trooper she is, she was up and walking around Banana Republic with us the next day.

Which reminds me. People's kindness lately has just really blown me away. I love Graham's mom to death, but she can be a little unorganized. So when Banana Republic was having the 50% off of 5 items sale for friends and family, she had to share her coupon with us. Which was super nice in itself but unfortunately, her nice intentions didn't pan out because of technology confusion (aka she didn't actually sign up for the coupon). So the guy at the register gave us his. Like his own personal discount. What a sweetie. I hope he gets some good karma. Whenever stuff like that happens, I'm kind of a spaz and say thank you about 40904898 times and freak out. I probably sound like a big idiot, but oh wellllll. I'm just really grateful. And a spaz.

So anywho, we just hung out all weekend. I'm pretty sure I talked to Graham's mom more than he did. Saturday night, we got pizza and helped them set up their new Apple TV. I want one so bad I can't stand it. And my stupid Wii broke, so I can't watch Netflix on my TV anymore! Wahhh. First world problems. It really cracks me up trying to explain technology to people over the age of 40. It just does not click for them. So naturally the Apple TV debacle was a huge clusterfuck. And I got to see a slideshow of pictures of Graham and his ex girlfriend thanks to the Apple TV because Graham's mom never deletes pictures ever. So... yeah. That was a blast. Good thing I haven't been super hormonal and didn't tear up secretly. Oh wait.....

Yeah. I'm a big idiot.

Anywho, once we got the Apple TV set up and explained, Graham and I watched Top Gun. We also figured out what we're going to be for Halloween. Stay Tuned. It's going to be hilarious and awesome and may involve me wearing a mustache.

Fine, I'll tell you. We're going as Maverick and Goose. I'm kind of over being a whore for Halloween and am opting for the funny route. See last year:

I went to a Halloween 5k like that. And really wanted to wear it out to the bars, but my mean friends told me I couldn't because they actually wanted to talk to guys. Go figure.

Sunday involved driving back home, ping pong, and TV. G and I are getting really into ping pong and I finallllllly finally finally beat him last night. I'm a really sore winner. I almost felt bad for my reaction. Almost. Then of course I had to watch my Sunday night TV, which including part of the VMA's and the Kardashians.

I'll start with the Kardashian's. I'm not actually opposed to eating my placenta after having a baby, but I sure as hell am not going to cook it. You can give it to someone and they'll freeze dry it and grind it up into little pills. Human's are the only mammals that don't eat their placenta after birth. And understandably so, but I've read that the benefits are incredible. You can read more on it here if you're interested. Fortunately for you and I, I'm not having a baby in the near future, so I won't be writing about placenta-eating and you won't be reading about it. Moving on. Where the hell does one find a chainsaw art center? Like do Scott and Rob just drive past it and decide to pull in? Does Scott know someone? I'm so confused as to how they wound up there. I'm really disappointed with Rob. He has so much potential and he won't accept any help. I know this because we're super close and talk all the time....

I need a life. I'm gonna stop there.

Now since I only caught the important parts of the VMA's, I'm going to talk about that.

Miley. Come on girl. Did you even practice your dance routine? It was so bad. So so so bad. 

And this:

Yep. That about does it for me.

I feel so sorry for Robin Thicke's wife. She must be mortified that some 20 year old, Cynthia doll looking chick twerked all over her Beetlejuice husband in front of millions of people. What a damn shame.

I'm mostly confused about her butt though. 

And of course, N*Sync was the highlight of my life. There aren't words for it. You guys remember when I freaked out about Jesse and The Rippers reunited? Yeah. This is 100000x better.

Welp folks, I'm done for the night. But I'm building something really exciting for you guys to share later this week! Stayed tuned :)


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