Sunday, October 13, 2013

ACL Fest

You know what I am? A terrible blogger.

This happened a whole week ago, but I'm gonna pretend like it happened this weekend because ACL is still happening this weekend and yall will never know which weekend I went.

Except I just told you... Ooops.


ACL is freakin awesome. It's a 3 day concert here in Austin that has all the best bands. Well actually it has a lot of indie bands, but they throw in a few artists I've heard of, so that's what makes it cool.

My job is awesome and let everyone work 4 9/10 hour days for a half/full day on Friday in honor of ACL. Isn't living in Austin awesome? Anywho, I worked 4 9 hour days (because staying at work until 7pm is not something I'm interested in) and took a half day on Friday. Graham was in California for work, so literally the second he got home at 12, we darted off to the festival.

I wish I took pictures of our trek there. I live about a mile from ACL Fest grounds, so we decided to walk since there was no parking. Not the best idea. We walked alongside a highway and looked like hippie hitchhikers. Plus it was hot as balls outside and I had the genius idea of wearing flipflops.

I make good decisions.

Anywho, we got there just in time to see the tail end of Jimmy Eat World. I quickly realized I only know 2 songs. Cool. Graham made fun of me.

After JEW, we headed to go see Pinback. But Pinback was a little too chill for us, so we attempted to meet up with our drunk ass friends. Fail.

So we headed to Vampire Weekend. Graham and I were both SO pumped for this show, so we got there almost an hour early. Graham left me to go get us some beers, water, and snacks, so I sat with legs spread eagle so I could take up as much room as possible so we'd have space. Not weird or anything.

Vampire Weekend was awesome. So awesome.

After Vampire Weekend, we jumped around, got some dinner, met up with more friends and headed to see the Friday headliner, Muse. I knew approximately 0 Muse songs but we had fun hanging out with friends. After the show, we had the bright idea to catch a cab home without realizing there was an actual cab line. So we walked about 2 miles to downtown to find one. Needless to say my feet were killing me after Friday haha.

Saturday morning, we woke up, fueled up with some delicious Chipotle, and headed out. This day, 3 of our friends came with it was super fun. One friend dressed as a banana, but sadly, he got too drunk and we lost him and I have no photo evidence.

We got there just in time to see the tail end of HAIM. We missed "The Wire" though which sucks, but this hilarious Jesus made up for it.

"And on the second day, Jesus turned water (boxed) into wine." For whatever reason (actually nevermind... I know exactly why they did it. We live in Austin. The most eco-friendly city in the world) instead of water bottles, they had water in these weird milk carton boxes.

Next was Silversun Pickups.

Graham insisted I be on his shoulders. So here's a birdseye view.

And then an Instragrammed view because we're super cute.

After Silversun Pickups, we headed to see Passion Pit. Only Passion Pit was crowded as balls so we left to get awesome seats at Kendrick Lamar, my second favorite person at the festival. Soooo awesome. The crowd was wild. The guy in front of us kept telling me like every 5 minutes that he was gonna crowd surf as soon as the crowd got "live" enough. Needless to say, he never did, and for that I am thankful because these scrawny arms cannot lift a grown ass man.

After that it got cold as shit outside so we left so Graham could go play hockey. And I went to bed early because I am a grandma.

Graham spent the majority of Sunday hungover because he stayed up all night with the boys. Should've been like me and went to bed like a grandma responsible adult. We really only wanted to see Grouplove and Eric Church. Butttttt we missed Grouplove. We did, however, get there early enough to get third row seats for Eric Church!

Graham hates pictures and was trying not to smile.

I like smiling.

Ole Eric Church tearin' it up.

All in all, ACL weekend was a freaking blast. So tiring, but so awesome. Saw some awesome shows and spent time with awesome people. I absolutely cannot wait for next year.

Going back to work Monday was hard!


  1. Awesome! I'm glad you had fun. I really really wanted to go the next weekend but I don't know anyone in Austin anymore so it was going to a big hassle. But 3rd day got cancelled so at least I didn't have to deal with that sadness. Next year for sure Ill be going!

  2. I've always wanted to go to ACL but I for sure stay away from Austin the weekend of traffic is AWFUL!!!!

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