Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lovin you is fun

I’ve been inspired by Bonnie today. She wrote this great post about being married and it got me thinking about a certain fella in my life. She describes loving someone unconditionally, through the good and the bad.

Now, I think I’ve made it pretty clear on this ole blog that G and I aren’t married, but he plays such a special part in my life that when I read sweet posts like that, it makes me think of him. This weekend when we were at ACL Festival, I looked over at him watching one of his favorite bands and had a moment of sheer happiness come over me. I was so happy to be standing next to him in that moment. It's little things like that that make me step back and think about the good stuff.

Love does that to you. It makes you look at the person you’re in love with and feel sheer happiness. Not all the time. Not every day. Shoot, maybe not even every week. Maybe sometimes, they drive you absolutely batty. And vice versa. But sometimes, it takes one little thing to make you feel all giddy inside. It's the little things and the little reasons that make you love someone.

Maybe it’s the anxious/excited feeling you get waiting for them to come home from work. Or maybe it’s the fact that they made you watch all 6 of the Fast and Furious movies and you secretly liked it. It’s the way they smell. The crazy annoying way they are about making up the bed. The smile you get when they see you and the dog cuddling. The way they hold your hand in the car. The way they grudgingly holds your hand in public, but they do it because they know you like it. It’s when they whisper “I Love You” when they think you’re sleeping and can’t hear you. The excitement you feel when they’re excited. The disappointment you feel when they’re disappointed. It’s the mutual feeling you both have over a mess. Maybe it’s the way they hold you and tell you it’s going to be ok when you cry. The way they tell you you’re prettier without makeup. It’s the secret butt grab in public. The fact that you like doing their laundry because you know it makes their life a smidge easier. The appreciation you get for being best friends with their mom. The fact that your parents love them. It’s hearing a song that reminds you of them. When their happiness matters more than yours. It’s having a show that you’d never cheat-watch without him. When they take you to dinner and make you feel like a princess. When they kiss your forehead. When they tell you you’re smart and can do anything. When you want to do everything with them.

It’s reasons like like these that make me happy to be in love. They’re the little moments that make being in love fun. These are the moments that cause me to take a step back and recognize the happiness in that moment.

G, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. And no matter how many more happy things happen between now and forever, the you thing will still be the best thing.


  1. What a sweet post!! I also wrote about marriage this morning. Whether or not you are married, I just think it is such a blessing to have someone in your life who you can love and who returns that love.

  2. Awh, this is seriously so sweet! You two are adorable. I love seeing other people in love. It makes me so happy! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this. I loved Bonnie's post, and you're is just awesome too. I really love your last promise to him. So sweet!

  4. Sweet, you both looks cute, i like your black top.


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