Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Thoughts For Your Wednesday

1. How did texting lingo even start? Like who was the person who thought it was easier to type "tho" instead of "though" or "b4" instead of "before". Man... those extra .65 seconds really saved my life. And look at how lil ole "lol" has evolved. Back when it was first created, when you said LOL, it meant you just read some funny shit. Nowadays, we use it to make a text less awkward.

"Why did you wear my shirt to the bar and barf all over it? lol"

"lol" is now used to soften the blow.


2. Sneezing is so weird. Like it's such a weird sensation. How does a sneeze even happen?

3. People from the South flip shit over winter. Including myself. I wore a cashmere sweater and boots today because it was 55 degrees out. I also might note that the people in my office turned on the heat, so I'm hot as balls right now. Classic.

4. Speaking of the South... it's crazy how people have regional accents. I get a really bad Southern accent around my family, but I keep it normal around everyone else. Speaking of work, a girl I work with has an awesome New Yorker accent and I wish I had it.

5. I've been super festive lately and I don't hate it.

I'm making this bean dip tonight for a party

I bought some pumpkin stuff the other day. I made some Halloween munchies (popcorn, white chocolate, candy corn, and pretzels). I bought cute little mini pumpkins for my entry way.

Aaaaaand I'm forcing Graham to carve pumpkins with me this week whether he likes it or not. I know he won't like it, but I also don't really care, because I'm so excited. Love ya G :)

6. Why isn't it the weekend yet? I got birthdays to celebrate, boys to snuggle, concerts to go to, and more. Hurrrrry Friday!!

7. I really reeaaaaallly really wanna go see Captain Phillips.

8. I'm out of random thoughts.

Yeah. This post was just one longgggg stream of weird thoughts. I'm ok with it.

Peace out girl scout.


  1. Before texting was evening around, typists used a shorthand (stenography?) to make dictating quickly easier. Pretty sure once texting became a thing, people began remembering how awesome shorthand is. Although I totally make fun of my mom's "legit shorthand" texting - her texting responses sound like an eleven year old girl. ;)

  2. love that bean dip!!

    XOXO Bunnie


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