Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Post For 20-something's

Well you've probably seen one or two or fifty of those "Everything A Twenty Something Should Know"... or something along those lines. And I think they're stupid and sometimes unrealistic.

Everyone lives their life different. The 25 year old girl who majored in fashion at FIT in New York that is now working for Jimmy Choo probably has different shit going on in her life than I do. Same with the 23 year old hair dresser in small town Kentucky that's pregnant with her second child. Or maybe it's the 24 year old still in college, supporting himself. My 22 is definitely not someone else's 22 or 24 or whatever. And that is a fact, Jack.

After reading several of these articles, I've revised some, thought of my own, and compiled my own list of stuff every twenty-something should know, realize, and stop believing. Somethin' a little more universal.

Here we go.

1// Know how to create a kickass resume.
If you went to college, the only time your GPA will matter is if someone asks for it. Don't publicize that shit unless you have a 4.0. I've been on a crap ton of interviews for internships and jobs. Not one single person has asked for my GPA. Make sure your resume looks awesome. Get out there and make yourself look good. Sign up for organizations that will boost your resume. Volunteer. Become the president of something. You know the drill. And while you're at it, learn how to Photoshop because you'll want a resume that looks visually appealing as well.

2// Leave your comfort zone.
Don't waste your time being shy. Try a food you wouldn't normally try. Reach out to people you wouldn't normally talk to. Ask that coworker to go to lunch. Pick up a new hobby. Whatever. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we need to feel scared to make us feel alive.

3// Learn how to budget your money.
Download the app and see where your moolah is going each month. Put a little something away in savings each month. You won't regret it. Promise. I, personally, realized I was spending entirely too much money on lunch. After I started bringing lunch from home, I suddenly had more money to spend on experiences, like concerts and movies. For most of us, this will be the only time in our lives without major finances, like houses and children.

4// You're not the only one that doesn't like their job.
Jesus, this one gets me the most. So many of my friends bitch about their jobs. Um excuse me, you're not going to turn into an executive over night. Work your way up. I, too, struggled with this when I first started working. I'm at the bottom of the totem pole. I've gotta work my way up and prove to my superiors that I can handle the tough stuff. This is a learning phase in our lives and we can only learn through experience. You may be a great graphic designer or you may know everything there is to know about coding, but the fact of the matter is, is that college didn't teach us how to communicate professionally. It didn't teach us how to manage time and work relationships. We have to learn through experience with this stuff. Change your attitude about your job. It can only go up from here.

5// Why isn't this happening to me right now?
Your best friend is engaged, your old roommate scored that big promotion, and your sister just had a baby. You're starting to wonder why none of this has happened to you. Well guess what? Life ain't a competition. You shouldn't start thinking about engagement just because your friends are and you want to be in that phase with them too. Do shit when you're ready. For the love of God, stop comparing your life to other people's lives. Your promotion will happen. Your boyfriend will propose after you guys decide you're ready. And pleaaaase don't have a baby because you want your kids to be BFF's with your sister's kids.

6// Privatize your life a little.
The world does not need to know about the removal of your kidney stones, what paleo meal you made tonight, or what sweet thing your boyfriend did today. Take a step back from social media. I read an excellent article today about how you shouldn't feel bad about your "boring man". It talks about how social media has built these high expectations about marriage proposals--it makes us forget how romantic our significant other is behind all the fritz and frill of these viral proposals. They are good enough. Their shows of love are enough. They're not boring. So what I'm getting at is keep your personal life to yourself. Don't brag on social media. Don't share unnecessary information. Don't share controversial opinions. It'll take the drama down a notch, promise.

7// Get some sleep.
Seriously. Your body needs it. You'll be more attentive, perform better at work, and can carry on coherent conversation with your friends if you've gotten at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

8// If you screwed up, learn how to take the blame and how to apologize.
Swallow your pride, tough guy. We all screw up. We forget our friend's birthdays, we speak sharply to our boyfriends, and we mess up at work. If you can learn how to accept the blame and sincerely apologize, you're one step closer to a solution and resolution. They may not remember the shitty act you did, but they will remember how you reacted to it. Never, ever put the blame on someone else to avoid getting the punishment. We're not in middle school anymore.

9// Maintain your relationships.
Call your parents often. Send your grandma a handwritten letter. Text your high school best friend to catch up. Go to brunch with your old college roommate. After I graduated college, all of my friends moved away. My parents sold my childhood home. And suddenly, everyone still left in my town got ridiculously busy. I felt really lonely. Admittedly, some days after I started working, I was just way too tired to hang out with friends. I made excuses why I couldn't go have a glass of wine at a friend's house. After graduation is a huge transformational phase for everyone. Everyone is growing up. Working, getting wrapped up in their relationships, etc. It's so easy to be busy. Maintain relationships with the people you love. You'll need them when you're done being so busy.

10// Kill people with kindness.
You can honestly make someone's day just by being nice. Ask the barista how their day is going. Chat with your coworker about their boyfriend. People freaking love talking about themselves. Just ask. And smile. Oh man, smile at people. It's a proven scientific fact that faking a smile increases levels of happiness. Say please and thank you. Be patient with people--you don't know what kind of day they're having. Bite your tongue.

That's all I've got for now. I would looooove to hear some of your "twenty-something" advice!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I'm Loving

1// Christmas Music
I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas. I'm already listening to the Indie Holiday Pandora radio at work. My coworkers think I'm bat shit crazy. I don't care. Listen to my new holiday Spotify playlist here.

2// Christmas Decor
Just let me be festive! I'm welllll aware we still have Thanksgiving, but I don't care! I cannot get over these gorgeous setups.

3// Dainty Rings
Just ordered these on Etsy. Love the way they are stacked and styled! So cute.

4// The fact that Honey Boo Boo's family dressed up as the Kardashians for Halloween. 
I seriously died over this. Best costumes ever, by far.

5// The Shouting Matches
You may or may not (like me) recognize Justin Vernon's voice from Bon Iver. Seriously did not know it was the same guy. Who knew?! I listen to Bon Iver when I want to cry and The Shouting Matches when I want to be happy. Anyways, I'm super impressed with their album Grownass Man

6// When people don't talk about their Crossfit WOD or their Paleo diet. I like soda and I like candy and I like not getting sweaty.

7// Bitstrips
I laugh so hard at these. Here's me throwing a potato at my friend Adam.

8// Cooking this steak.
Follow the recipe. You won't be disappointed. It's freakin amazing.

And 8 is all I've got. I love a bunch of other stuff but it mainly has to do with Christmas and my boy and other top secret stuff you'll just have to wait your pretty little eyes to read about. 


I feel like my life is at a weird place right now. I'm super happy. But I'm so busy and tired from work that I'm slacking on doing fun stuff. I haven't spent time with or talked to my friends much lately and that's not good. And I miss my parents so much. They moved last week to Tennessee and my heart hurts and longs for them. I need a little extra something special to put a pep in my step. Here's to hoping the holidays, my birthday, and a potential weekend getaway will be just what I need :)
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