Sunday, October 5, 2014

Remember That Time I Was A Blogger?

Heyyyyo. This summer was something else. And it made me forget that I used to blog and enjoy it. So cool. Thanks for welcoming me back.

To be completely honest, I didn't really want to blog about this summer because I didn't want to remember my life this summer. And after I typed that sentence, that made me sound like the most unhappy person on the planet.

Let me explain: I went through a heart-wrenching breakup this summer. One that knocked me to my feet and challenged me in ways I thought I never even knew I could be challenged. It has changed me in the wildest ways. I miss Graham every day, but this breakup was totally detrimental to my emotional growth, and for that I am forever grateful. For every girl reading this that has been through something similar: you are awesome, you are strong, and if anything good came out of it, it's that you are a more whole person because of it. And if you haven't gone through something like this... well, bless your heart. I hope it never happens to you and I hope you are able to grow as a person without having to go through a heartbreak. Cause it just plain sucked.

.....and that's all I have to say about that.

But now that I'm back on my feet, I thought I'd get back to something I enjoyed: this ole blog. A lot's gone on since I last blogged. So I'm going to let my Instagram photos do the talking. Instead of sitting around moping, I decided to really live.

I've been forcing myself to do things I'd normally say no to. I'm trying to be a friendlier, happier, more positive person and I can totally see how it's bleeding into all areas in my life. Work is going great, my Etsy business is doing even better, I'm making great friends, and I'm just generally having lots and lots of fun. When we first broke up, I was terrified of being alone and doing things by myself. Now, I'm Miss Independent (cue Destiny's Child). I am 100% my own person now. It still feels kind of weird, but I know I needed it and I kind of love it.

So without further ado...... Photos from August until now. Enjoyyyy.

I'll start with this gem. A few months ago, I asked my single friends what I should say to get out of a date with someone. This was their response...... Because naturally.

Visiting family for Labor Day. Is my niece not the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on?!

So grateful for these girls. They truly brought me back to life. Also, this is a work boat party because I work at a cooooool ass office.

First game of the season gameday attire. I want to marry my Longhorn Luchesse's.

My asshole friends decided to prank me by commenting on Lindsay Lohan's Instagram, saying that my number was hers.... Because, of course.

Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Thank God for high school friends that stuck around.

This is a cheddar cheese ice cream sandwich from Qui. It blew my mind.
Earlier this month, our office volunteered at an elementary school. It was Space Week and I'm not realllllly sure who was most excited: us or the kids. 

A friend got proposed to during a Jay-Z/Beyonce Singalong at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was so perfectly her and it was such fun to be a part of it!

And then a week later I went to a Clueless Quotealong at the Alamo Drafthouse because apparently I can't get enough of that place.

How you doiiiin Oktoberfest?

My ideal night: a run to get my mind off things, a glass of wine to fall into a deeper relaxation, and a documentary on Free Masons to put me to sleep.

That is a donut. And a Coors. Because that's how you do 2:30 games. I like to call this a tailgating brunch.

And then after I tailgated in the above photo yesterday, I went to ACL. It was awesome. Crowded, but the weather was perfect and seeing Eminem made 11-year-old Megan die happily.

And I ended my weekend this weekend with a grocery trip to Trader Joe's. I saw this and realized it was every basic white girl's fantasy. Props to me for not indulging. 

I'll be back on the saddle again very soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lists Are Fun... (I Haven't Blogged In A While)

List is still.... weird for me. But I want to keep up with memories and my early adulthood, so I'm doing this list for funsies.

What/when was the last...

...recipe I made? I made homemade biscuits the other day for a Friday work treat. And they were DAMN good.

...good decision I made? To trust my gut and take a risk with a certain something. I let go of the fear I had and went for something that was probably dumb, but I enjoyed it and that's all that really mattered. Sorry I can't go into more detail. Maybe one day. (Making a note to myself for when I read this in the future: the Kanye shirt day/night). place I went? A bar on East 6th that had a cool vibe and a fun band. Too bad I can't remember what it was called. I watched? Married At First Sight. Don't judge....

...awesome thing that happened? See the good decision above. Something I had been wanting to happen for a long time finally happened. Took it long enough!

...thing I bought for myself? Taco Bell for dinner. That's not embarrassing or anything.

...good photo of me? I took a selfie yesterday to let everyone know I'm actually not miserable.

...bad decision I made? I don't know how to play it cool. Let's leave it at that.

...time I was really excited? See the good decision/awesome thing that happened. Twas a great day.

...time I had a free weekend? Last weekend was purty free. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sometimes Bad Things Happen

You know that saying "When it rains, it pours"? Boy has that sentiment held true for me this past month. This past month has been one of the more Earth shattering, shocking, eye-opening months of my life. I'm not going to go into any details at all on it, because that's not the focus on this post. The focus is on my attitude towards it, personal growth, and what I've learned. Also, I'm more so just using this post as therapy because writing is cathartic and when times are tough, I love being able to go back in time and look at how I've evolved since that shitty life season.

Few things I've learned here lately:

You are the ONLY person that should control your happiness.
While friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, co-workers, WHOEVER should be a huge part of your life, you absolutely, 100% cannot and should not rely on them for your total happiness. That's way too much pressure on any person to be someone else's sole source of happiness and it shows that you are lacking something when you aren't looking inward for your own happiness. You have got to learn to be okay when a friend disappoints you or your coworkers are annoying. Placing all of your happiness eggs in the baskets of other people leads to you never feeling full and fulfilled with life. Learn how to be okay alone, learn how to rely on yourself, and more importantly learn to love yourself. True happiness can only be obtained intrinsically. Others help, but they should be just a piece in your happiness puzzle, not your whole puzzle.

You can't control everything.
It's not secret that I'm a huge control freak. I want to be in charge of everything in life. Big projects at work, the way my family acts, what me and my friends do on the weekends, etc. I want to always be the decision maker and the voice of reason. I want people to listen to me and do as I say. But guess what? Sometimes life throws you the biggest freaking curve balls that you have absolutely no control over and it sucks. It hurts so badly to let go and trust that things will be okay when they're out of your hands. It sucks not knowing the outcome to something. It is incredibly painful to try so hard to make something go your way, only to have it fail miserably or not even thought about. Learning to let go and trust that things will be okay is incredibly hard for me, but I'm learning each and every day to not hold onto things so tightly. Believe it or not, the people surrounding me are capable adults of making smart decisions. It's okay to let that friend go make a fool of herself and it's okay to let someone else take over a big project. I absolutely cannot place that pressure on me anymore--I need to let go and trust that things will be okay when they're out of my hands.

You don't NEED anything or anyone.
This has been a tough one for me. I have to learn that I don't need a single person or thing to make me happy. I don't need a promotion or a certain outfit or my Etsy business to excel to be happy. There have been times where I've really needed my mom and she lives 1000 miles away. I want her here with me, but I don't necessarily need her to be ok. I don't need my friends, my job, or my boyfriend to be ok and happy. Those things make me happy, but I don't need them. I just want them around. I can't keep waiting for the next big event in my life. I can't sit around and think, "oh I'll be much happier at my job when I get a promotion" or "I'll be so much happy when I don't live in an apartment". Happiness is now and I don't need external things to bring that. They help, but I can't bank on them. People and things are going to let you down and that's a harsh part of life.

Trust your path.
Shit happens for a reason. I'm a firm believer that your life story is already written for you and every little event that happens to you leads you to the next bigger, better thing. There are lessons to be learned in every season of your life, and sometimes it's hard to sit back and realize that what's happening now will make for a better you in the future. Crappy things are meant to break you down and build you back up. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. I will emerge victorious and stronger once all of this storm passes. I just have to trust that I'm going through this stuff for a reason.

This past month has not been fun in any sense of the word, but I've gained more insight into the person I am and the person I am meant to be this past month than I have in the past 3 years. I've done a lot of introspecting and character improvement. I've challenged my old ways of thinking more than I ever thought they needed to be challenged. It's an arduous process of disciplining yourself to change your mindset, but I will come out a much better person because of it. And frankly, if these events had never happened to me, I would've have even known I would need to change. And that's the silver lining I can find in all of this.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

That Time I Had A Phone Sex Operator Roommate

I've shared this story with just about every single person I come in contact with... mostly for the simple fact that it's fucking hilarious. And naturally I would have a roommate like this because I have excellent luck.

Let me give you a little background to this story. Apartments near UT in Austin are extremely competitive. Like you have to sign a lease in January to move in in August. Ridiculous. Anywho, my two best friends and my old roommate from freshman year moved into an apartment our junior year. Things were going great. We loved living together and life was fun. Until that said roommate from freshman year decided she was going to move in with her sister for senior year. Luckily she told us this about 2 months before our lease ended, giving us ample time to find a roommate.


So our apartment complex was kind enough to give us a random roommate that totally matched our "personality profiles". What they offered to us was an 18 year old girl that had 0 common interests as us. We plead with the apartment complex to give us someone different, but they wouldn't. We were 22 and she was 3 years younger than us. That might as well have been a 10 year age difference because you mature A LOT in those three years.

Anywho, we were pretty apprehensive about this chick moving in, especially because three of us were best friends and another person would really harsh that. And boy were we right... The first month started out fine. We were friendly with her, but it was painfully obvious that we had completely different lifestyles and would not become the best of friends, which was fine. I'd rather have that than some crazy person all up in my business.

Things were going fine until one night I came home early from a concert. It was still pretty late, so I tried to be quiet. "Shirley" and I lived on one side of the apartment and a wall. Apartments in our area were made really shittily (sp?) and the walls were paper thin. I could tell she was awake and watching a movie. Or so I thought.

Until I heard sex noises. Figured it was the movie she was watching. Until I realized it was starting to sound more like a porno. And then I realized it was "Shirley's" voice. This girl was not what I would call a social butterfly, so I highly doubted someone was in the room with her.

She was on the phone.

I about died right then and there. I immediately texted my friends, but no one believed me.

And then it started happening again. Regularly. Like every Monday and Wednesday night at the same time. Always on the phone. And we figured out it was never the same person because she would be extremely descriptive with their looks and age. And obviously my roommates and I stood outside of her door and listened and giggled because we're 14 year old boys.

And then it started getting worse. Like this girl had no discretion. She had to realize we could hear her! And she would do it when other people were over too! My mom heard it, my boyfriend heard it, two of our other friends heard it.

I was obviously way too embarrassed to ask her about it, so I avoided her. Never made eye contact. And when we all moved out, we did not make plans to keep in touch.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear 16 Year Old Me...

Dear Megan,

You think you are hot shit right now. You have the coolest boyfriend, the coolest car, and the best friends in the world. You make good grades and you can kick some ass on the volleyball court. You can run on 5 hours of sleep and eat Hot Cheetos and a Coke for lunch every day. Guess what my dear? This stuff doesn't last forever.

Shortly after your 16th birthday, that hot boyfriend will dump you and it will flip your world upside down. It freaking sucks. You will cry about it every day and drown your sorrows in Eli Young Band songs and Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supremes. You'll annoy the crap out of your friends by writing them notes during class saying "i miss him </3".

It'll pass though.

You'll finally get a car after driving Mom's old Yukon around for a year. You wanna know why you didn't get a car the second you turned 16? Because you couldn't and shouldn't have been trusted with a brand new car. You stupidly drank and drove on numerous occasions. You shouldn't have even been given the privilege to drive a car at all. However, luck had it for you to get caught. You're gonna hate Mom and Steve and think it's so unfair, but it'll be good for you. You'll learn responsibility. Don't be stupid with your new car.

Believe it or not, you needed a curfew. Not all nights, but most. Nothing good (or at least smart) happened after midnight. You're gonna drink and you're going to do stuff you shouldn't do and you're going to be really stupid. Have fun, but don't ever take your safety for granted. Somehow, by the grace of God, you didn't get into serious trouble.

Grades are important. Do your homework and push yourself to study a little. I'm proud of you for always making grades a priority. It'll pay off when you head to UT in a few years. You'll get into your dream school because you worked hard in high school. I can't say the same thing with volleyball. You'll quit junior year and won't miss it in the slightest. It's ok to give up on something your heart isn't into.

Crazily enough, the best friends you have now will be some of the best friends of your life. You'll drift apart in college some--it's an inevitable part of growing up, but you'll all remain great friends throughout your twenties. You'll make other best friends down the road, but just know that those girls from high school will love you and all of your faults. They'll forgive you for being a bad friend, they'll be there for you when you need them in the middle of the night, and they will let you cry to them about your boyfriend just like they did in high school.

You'll have your moments that make you feel inadequate. There will be times you'll feel like the biggest fuck up on the planet. Boys will treat you like crap. You'll feel ugly at times. School will bring you down. But guess what? That stuff won't matter down the road. Keep your head held high.

You have such a bright future down the road for you. You make think 16 is the happiest of year of your life, but just wait and see... Life gets so fun.

2014 Megan

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Want A House pt. 2

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I'm over apartment life. I'm over waking up at 6am to the person above me hawking loogies so loud I can hear them through the floor. I'm over not being able to paint walls and have room for tons of furniture. I'm over not having a gorgeous kitchen and backyard.

Okay fine. I don't really need all of those things, but I sure would like em. I can just picture us now... Graham barbecuing while I'm tending to our herb garden. Haha! I secretly wish my life was like Sarah Dorsey or Young House Love. I so want to spend my days scouring Craigslist for deals and reupholstering couches.

But houses are expensive, and ya girl has to rent until my manfriend decides to bite the bullet with me.

For now, all I can do is lust.

And here's what I'm lustin' after currently...

I'm dying for a garden. I want to plant peonies and have fresh herbs on hand. How cute would this setup look on a back patio?!

Ok, this bathroom is everything. Except only as some sort of guest bath. Yall know I have way too much shit to not have cabinet space. But yeah... seriously digging the industrial look and my most coveted subway tile.

I would essentially love everything in this. I'm obsessed with neutrals and industrials and this is just perfection in my eyes.

I'll take one of these.

Also, I've been on a HUGE navy wall kick lately. I absolutely the look of neutrals, navy, and solid wood together. It makes my heart go pitter patter. Below are some of my favesies.

Isn't it funny how trends change? It still blows my mind that my mom's house was once covered in floral wallpaper and all brass accessories just a mere 15 years ago. It blows my mind even more that I currently hate some of the home decor pins I pinned a mere 2 years ago. Granted, my style has grown up a bit since I was in college, but that's neither here nor there.

Wonder what the next big trend will be now that chevron is pretty much dead and gone?

One day I'll have that house. Yall wait and see.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Internet Goodies

Hi friends, long time no write. I just haven't had the urge lately. My day job consists of writing articles, ad copy, and blog posts all the live long day, so pretty much the last blog post I want to write at the end of the day is my own. Weird how that works. Plus my life has been fairly uneventful these past few weeks. G has been out of town and the most exciting thing I did yesterday was get a cavity filled. Woohoo.

Weeks like these make me miss college so much. I miss the freedom of sleeping in, grabbing a long lunch with friends, and going to a bar at 9pm on a Tuesday night. Don't get me wrong, I love working, but most some days I want to go back to being a careless 21 year old.

For this post, I've rounded up some of my most interesting Internet finds as of late:

See article here. Can you believe this shit?! Turns out this was a really smart ad for the Samsung Galaxy note. I feel so cheated! However, as someone who works in marketing, this was incredibly genius. Props to you, Samsung.

One of my favorite Grantland writers/podcasters, Juliet Litman, did an interview with Chris Harrison (host of the Bachelor) this week and got tonnnnns of dirty deets about Juan Pablo. Turns out Juan Pab is a huge douche. Would've never guessed. Also, turns out Chris Harrison has the coolest job in the whole damn world. Basically spends 5 minutes of his day letting the ladies know its time for the final rose, then spends the rest of his time cahooting all over the world, fishing, surfing, and eating delicious food. No fair!

3// Oil Pulling
I recently read this article about the benefits of oil pulling. What the eff is oil pulling? Basically, putting a spoonful of coconut oil and swooshing it around in your mouth for 20 minutes, then spitting it out. It's a great detoxifier and literally pulls toxins out of your body by way of your mouth. People see better oral hygiene, breath, gums, a reduction in acne, better sleeping, more regulated hormones, etc., etc., Plus it also can help cure a hangover. This list goes on forever. I'm in.

Buy this here. Holy mother of god I need millions of these around my house.


I don't hate the idea of a Taco Bell breakfast waffle-taco. My day is essentially made when it starts with a breakfast taco and I certainly wouldn't mind a waffle being added into the mix.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vday Lovin' + Weekend

Oh hey.. me again. Shocking, since this is my blog and all. Don't mind me... I am just delirious and am having a case of the Mondays. This weekend ended wayyyyy too soon. And since I spent pretty much the whole day in bed yesterday nursing a hangover from hell, I feel like I lost a day and deserve it back. That's how it should work, right?

Anywhoooos, this weekend was an exciting one. Here lately, our weekends have been super low-key. Lots of staying in, movie watching, and sleeping late. So naturally, I'm wiped out from all of the excitement.

Ooh ooh! Before I start in on my weekend, I need to give a shoutout to my parents (hi mom!) for sending me warm cookies and chocolate covered strawberries from Tiff's Treats straight to my desk at work on Thursday. Such a sweet surprise! Parents make the best valentines.

Friday, we had a dessert potluck at work and I pretty much got diabetes and couldn't function the rest of the afternoon due to my inability to say no to all things sweet. It was sooo good. 

After work, I beat Graham home to set up this cute little surprise. Too bad he didn't plan for me beating him home and all of my gifts were sitting unwrapped on his bed. Haha, such a ding dong.

He got three bottles of our favorite wine (wait, isn't that a present too me too?), some homemade chocolate covered strawberries and peanut butter balls, the cutest card ever from Tiny Prints (can we talk about how cute that card is!? I chose from a wide variety of options for every flippin holiday ever and added my own picture and words. So cute), and a scale.

Yep. A scale. He bought me workout clothes. Clearly the lovey-dovey gifts were out this year and fitness was in. Except we also didn't coordinate the chocolate purchasing and had close to 30 chocolate covered strawberries between the two of us in the fridge this weekend. Fitness obviously went out the door because those puppies are too delicious to pass up.

He also grilled me a steak and made his famous mashed potatoes, all paired with our fave wine. I died and went straight to heaven, yall.

I scored big time. I mean what a jack of all trades, right? And then our romantic Valentines Day night ended with an intense game of Mario Party, cause that's how we do.

Saturday was a good one. I intended on going to my barre class, but I was way too lazy and settled on eating Quiznos instead, like the fitness queen that I am. Since it was my best friend/roommate's birthday, we spent the latter half of Saturday day drinking by the lake and pregaming our night out with Mexican food and margs. It's important to note that I do not drink heavily anymore. I was a damn tank in college (a whopping 9 months ago) and now I can no longer hang. So I paced myself and only drank 2 beers and 1 margarita over the course of 4 hours because I am a responsible adult and I also did not want to fall asleep at 9pm.

Long story short of the rest of the evening: we went out, my best friend barfed in a trash can in the middle of a bar, and we were home by 12:30. I also took my second tequila shot of my whole life because Graham made me and I did not hate it. So there's that.

Sunday, I barely moved... because I clearly can't hang.

And that was my exciting Valentines weekend. Here's to hoping yours was full of love too!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why We Work

Holy moly I have been excited for this linkup ever since Bonnie announced it! Any time I get to ramble on and on about my man and make my readers want to barf is a good day, right? Plus it's almost Valentines Day and I know yall haven't seen enough mush.

You wanna know why Graham and I work?

We work because he's encouraging. He pushes me to succeed in everything I do, whether it's work or exercise or ping pong. We work because he's calculated and I can be a bit irrational. It makes life interesting and balanced. We work because we both love plain cheese pizza and chocolate sprinkle donuts. We work because I happily watch soccer with him as long as he let's me pick where we eat for lunch. We work because we appreciate the finer things in life like lazy Sundays, wine, and New Girl together. We work because he makes me tell him what's wrong, especially when I don't want to say it. He can read my emotions like the back of my hand, and while I hate that, I also find it endearing that he cares so much. We work because he puts up with my constant need to chat about nothing. We work because he treats me like a princess and still takes me on dates. We work because he's a much better cook than me, and sometimes a girl needs a perfectly grilled steak. We work because we make each other leave our comfort zones to make the other happy. It has made us both much better people.

I don't care that he teases me every minute of the day and forces me to fall asleep with the TV on and he doesn't care that I leave my shit everywhere (yes he does) or that I cannot control myself around sweets. I love that he is so smart and ambitious and he loves that I'm kind and easy-going. Graham has made my life exponentially better. I can't wait to see what our days have in store.

My heart is so full.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pit & Peak

Whats up what's upppp. Thank god for this link up because I was fresh out of ideas for today's post.  Basically, every Friday, these lovely ladies let you brag, whine, or spill your heart out about your week. You detail every little peak and pit of your week, Kardashian style. I love this because I'm a stickler for remembering the details. At the end of 2013, I wrote a lengthy post about everything that happened each month, and I hated that I didn't document enough memories.

This link-up changes everrrrrything....

  • I started taking barre classes and they are aweeeesome! I mean, I'm ridiculously sore. But I'm finally getting in shape. On my own terms. I motivated myself, and I'm really proud of that.
  • New Girl was hilarious this week. I feel like the past couple of episodes weren't super funny.
  • I've been having exceptional messy buns days. Yall know the ones I'm talking about.
  • I ordered a super cute sweater from Gap while they were having a 30% off sale. Super cute.
  • We got a late start today at work due to the weather, which meant I had the chance to pick up a delicious breakfast taco on the way in. If you want a way into my heart, buy me a breakfast taco.
  • While work has been crazy, it's really rewarding when you realize you can pull something off. It's nice to get recognition and feel like a badass

  • Work is insane. There are seriously not enough hours in the day. A little over a month left of this project, can I get a halllllelujah!
  • I've really been missing my mom.
  • I'm tired of the damn cold. Hurry up warm weather.
  • I tried making homemade macaroons last night. Huge fail. 
  • Did I mention work is nuts?

Now, for a fun weekend! Aside from my dental procedure tomorrow morning (yes, on a Saturday), I plan to be super relaxed. I have a few errands to run (reminds me.. I haven't been to Targ in a while) and some yoga on Sunday. OH and Graham said we could eat bad this weekend! I'm so over eating healthy. Life is good.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday's Thoughts

Hiiiii friends. I'm feeling a lot of, well, feelings today. Blame it on PMS, stress, missin my mama, whatever. I don't know what's going on with me. Actually. I do. My uterus is getting mad that I'm not pregnant. No fair. I don't give it a baby, so it makes me suffer with cramps and emotions. Last night, I cried over a damn quote I saw someone post on Instagram.

Perks of being a girl, right?

Isn't that weird how biology works? Like my body wants a baby in it. I don't, but it does.

Speaking of biology and things being natural and what not, I've been trying to live a more natural life. I'm not sure if that's because I live in Austin and all-natural products are readily available or if I've just read too much about natural living on the ole internet or WHAT. But something has sparked a fire in me. I've started with my diet and my skin care regime. For example, I juice a lot more so I can get lots of vitamins and nutrients. I haven't actually noticed a difference in the way I feel, but I swear it's working. And I've been using more natural products on my face, like coconut oil for moisurization. Again... don't see a huge difference, but it's gotta be better than using something that has benzoyl peroxide in it. I guess? Whatever helps me sleep at night.

Moving on to more random thoughts... I sent a rant email to my apartment complex last night about how all of the parking spots close to my building are always crowded, making me park far as shit away. Mostly I'm just annoyed by it, but I also don't particularly love walking alone in the dark of the night. So I mentioned that my safety migggght be compromised due to this inconvenience and they overreacted and offered for me to break my lease at no charge haha. Basically, telling me to move. Crazies.

I'm missin my parents a lot this week. It's really starting to hit me that they don't live within reasonable driving distance anymore. They finally started building their house in Nashville. It no longer feels like I just haven't been home in a while. They left and they're not coming back. Things are gettin real. There are some weekends where I really just want to drive home and hang out with my mom. Lay on her shoulder and share a glass of wine as we talk about how much I should be putting in my 401k. I just sort of feel alone without them. I talk to my mom every day, but it's not the same.

Poor Graham. All of these emotions are probably making him want to take a longggg vacation away from me. I teared up last night because he wouldn't change the channel off of hockey. Lordy.

Anywho, that's all I got for ya today. Hope you all have a super fun weekend that doesn't involve a shit ton of hormones!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty Favorites

I'm always getting asked what beauty products I use. It's not really a secret that I love makeup and that I spending entirely too much money at Ulta and Sephora. And I pretty much can't leave Target without a new face wash or nail polish. It's kind of a problem, yall.

Below I've compiled a list of my beauty must haves. These are things I used on a daily/weekly basis and really cannot live without!
1// Colossal Mascara - My long time fave. 
2// St Tropez Self Tanner - Swear by this stuff. Not streaky, doesn't make you orange. Buy the glove that comes with it though!
3// Coconut Oil - I have pretty dry skin, so I put a ton of this on at night. It's also good to put on wet hair and to add into smoothies! It has incredible health benefits.
4// Jordana Eyeliner - Okay this is cheap $1 eyeliner from Walgreens, but it's so easy to glide on and it lasts all day.
5// Lorac TANtilizer Bronzer/Highlighter Duo - Bought this on a whim and I can't get enough!
6// Clarisonic Mia 2 - G's mom bought this for me for Christmas and my skin officially will never be the same. Absolutely worth every penny.
7// Chanel Chance - I used to wear this in high school and G bought me a new bottle for my birthday. Definitely my signature scent!
8// Secret Clinical Strength Stress Eliminator Deodorant  - Okay, so I swear by this deo. I have a sweating issue. I sweat through any and all deo's. I couldn't go a whole day without having to reapply. Not only does this stuff smell incredible, it lasts like 3 days.
9// Naked Palette - This is an obvious one.
10// Carmex Lipbalm - Back to the dry skin. I slather this stuff on before bed at night and I wake up with the softest lips every day.
11// Neutragena Naturals Face Wash - No harsh chemicals here, perfect for my stupid sensitive skin. Smells so yummy too! Perfect for cleansing and makeup removal, which seems to be hard to find in a lot of face washes.

I believe every girl should learn to pamper herself and learn to take care of her skin. I also believe that makeup can help make a girl feel beautiful and if she knows how to use it and it makes her feel good, then it ain't really hurtin anyone, is it? I learned from a young age the importance of taking care of my skin. That meant taking a shower daily, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen. I haven't always been great at it (this summer, I didn't shower for 3 days. Sexy, I know), but the idea has always been there. As I got older, I went through all of the phases of makeup. You know the ones. See below for my 10th grade heavy eyeliner and black tipped french manicure.

Anywho, after years of trial and error, I finally found what works for me. I've found a great mixture of quality and inexpensive products. Somedays I go glam and other days I rock a naked face. I place a high importance of how my skin looks and feels, and if that includes makeup that day, then great. Find what works for you, but don't rely on makeup to make you feel beautiful. You can't find beauty in a foundation bottle. Learn to feel good without makeup, take care of your skin and body, and add makeup from there. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I need to vent

I'm in a bitchy mood. I really can't help it. This day is just turning into something I really don't like, and frankly, my boyfriend and mom shouldn't have to suffer alone when I need to vent. Thanks readers, yall are real pals.

the accuracy the accuracy
^ probably how yall will feel after reading this post.

It all started around 4am this morning when I kept having anxiety dreams about work. (Side note: G is out of town for work and when he is out of town, I sleep at his house because it's easier to take care of his dog there than my apartment. Plus it doesn't hurt that he lives 5 minutes from my office. So needless to say, I was excited to sleep in for a bit.) Anywho... back to the dreams. If you've never experienced one, you're really damn lucky. They're usually dreams about the stupidest crap, but you feel scared, anxious, angry, whatever in them. And for me at least, they seem to play over and over again and I can't dream about anything else. That equals a terrible night's sleep. Getting to sleep in a bit meant nothing. So needless to say, I am le tired.

I forgot to pack breakfast, so I stopped and got donuts. I don't even need a reason to justify my donut buying. They're delicious and it's important to indulge when you want, and damn it, I wanted to.

And since I was on such a sugar high, my brain turned to mush and made me forgot my work laptop at G's house. Naturally, I didn't realize until I got to work. Turnnnnn back around.

And now I'm late for work.

This next story is extremely petty and I know I sound like a brat, but I don't care. This is my blog and I can write whatever I want. We have a realllly big account at work that is demanding a crazy project to be finished in one month. I literally have to dedicate 3/4 of my day to this project. Working at an agency makes this prettty damn hard. I feel like I'm being pushed really hard here, especially when I'm in the process of being transferred into my new role (did I mention I got a promotion?). Anywho, I know this project will be a huge success, but the hours I'll be devoting to it really suck. I should be grateful that I have a great job at a successful agency, but girlfriend needs a drink after works just about every day.

Next item on the list: Graham is out of town. I don't like it. I miss him.

Also... it's really damn cold out.

That's all. I feel much better, now that that's off my chest.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Days

I want to start documenting my happy moments each week. I want to be able to look back a year from now and see what made me smile throughout the year. Plus, sometimes I need to just sit back and look at my life. Take a look at the things I may take for granted and see how they impact me. The big things, the small things, shooot.. even the insignificant things.

1. We got a brand new office and work and it is AWESOME! Our company has grown so much and it's nice to see the fruits of our labor in this cool new space. Plus I have a great new office of my own, which is cool. I'm excited to decorate it. OH and this is kind of insignificant to most, but at our old office, the walls were dark gray and since our CEO hated flourescent lighting, we all worked by lamplight. Which was eh.. cozy at times, but our new office has tons of natural light as well as overhead lighting. It's the little things :)

2. The Bachelor is back! I didn't watch last season because Desiree was the most annoying person to walk the planet, but I see pretty awesome drama coming up with Juan Pablo. I love the crazies of each season and you see 'em most on The Bachelor, because frankly, men on the Bachelorette don't drunk into drunkass crazies like the girls do.

3. Speaking of TV, I'm super excited that Girls is back. And the new show, True Detectives, that comes on before looks reallllly good.

4. Valentines Day is coming up and I'm so excited. A day that forces my boyfriend and I to be over the top cheesy and lovey is a happy day in my book.

5. My niece is turning ONE tomorrow! Holy cow, how has it been a year already? She is so beautiful and so stinkin' smart. A whole year of loving that sweet baby!

6. The weather has been incredible lately. So sunny and warm-ish in January? Please don't leave!

7. I got to see my high school best friend this past weekend (naturally, I didn't take any pictures) and it made my heart so happy to see her. We laughed till we cried reminiscing on old memories. I'm pretty sure her new boyfriend thinks I'm a nutjob, but oh well. I missed her so much!

8. My new position at work is finallllly coming together at work. It's been a clusterfuck trying to transfer into it, but I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Hip hip hooray!

8's all I got because I cut the tip of my finger yesterday and it hurts to type haha. Thanks for letting me share my life with all of you! I hope you are able to find happiness in all of your days :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Day In The Life

A day in the life of….

I’ve read several blogs lately that do the whole “day in the life of” thing. I’m always highly entertained by them because their lives always seem to be so much more fascinating than mine. But hell, maybe my life is significantly more fascinating than yours (doubtful), so I thought I’d give it a go.

6:00am—Upstairs neighbor wakes me up with his daily loogie hawking.

6:15—It ends and I fall back asleep.

7:30—Alarm starts blaring that annoying ass jingle.

7:32—Browse Instagram to see what juicy pictures people have posted overnight and to see if my boyfriend’s exgirlfriend has creepily liked more of my pictures because she’s been doing that and it’s sorta making me think she’s a psycho that’s going to murder me.

7:40—Realize I need to get up and do my hair. Switch over to Facebook to see stupid crap even juicier drama.

8:00—Get out of bed and examine the damage my hair did overnight. Start straightening it.

8:15—Shit, I better hurry up. Need to leave in 15 minutes. Oh my god why is my face so dry?

8:20—Rush to put on makeup and get dressed.

8:35—Wait is it freezing or not freezing out? Better change clothes.

8:40—I’m finally on the road.

8:55—I hate all of you on the road. Quit driving so damn slow and get me to work. Did I mention I hate you?

9:04—Stroll into the office and complain about the traffic to my officemate that clearly doesn’t give a shit.

9:15—Check emails, work on a few daily reports, wish I had something delicious, like a breakfast taco, for breakfast. My morning routine.

10:30—Time for a meeting. We’re kicking ass with this client? Awesome. Short and sweet meetings, just like I like em.
11:00—More work. Boo.

11:15—Officemate shows me pictures of his newborn. So cute. I need one. No I don’t.

11:45—I need lunch and I need it now. Off to Whole Foods.

11:50—I’m going to kill someone. I’ve circled this stupid parking lot 45 times and for some reason no one is leaving Whole Foods.

11:52—Snag a spot, but almost ran over a woman not wearing a bra in the process. Whatever. That’ll teach her to go braless at the grocery store. This ain’t Walmart.

12:15—Back at the office. Peruse blogs. Drink my daily Coke. This is the liffffffe.

1:00—Back to business. Oh this project is urgent and needs to be done by EOD today and it’s going to take me several hours? Perfect. I love a good challenge and at least a day’s notice on stuff like this, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

3:00—Play a little dart-ball with my officemate. Kind of like darts but you throw a ball at a target, and well, you get it.

4:00—Holy shit, one hour till I get to leave.

5:00—Do I need glasses? Why do my eyeballs burn?

5:05—Stand up to leave. Remember I forgot to do something. Sit back down.

5:15—Headed out. See ya later suckers! On this particular day, I almost fell down the stairs because I was texting and walking and stairs should never be involved in that situation. My ankle really hurts.

5:20—Call my mom. Immediately get jealous of the dinner she’s cooking. Why was I not more grateful for essentially a personal chef when I was living at home in high school?

5:30—Get to Graham’s house. Greet this handsome guy. Take him for a walk. Get yelled at by a senior citizen for not cleaning up his poop. He shit in bushes and I’m certainly not going to dig through all the leaves to pick it up.

6:00—Graham’s finally home. I’m annoyed that he wants to work out and not watch TV with me. See, this is tough. I love his hot bod but also love him hanging out with me. I don’t want to pick just one!

7:00—I’m freaking starving why is Graham not back yet.

7:05—For the love of God, I’m going to die.

8:30—Finally eating. I’m hangry. Very hangry. I stab Graham with a fork. Not actually, but I probably could.

8:45—Watch New Girl. Why is Schmidt so hilarious?

9:30—I pluck Graham’s unibrow. What a sign of true love.

10:00—Driving home. Oh hell yes, Kendrick Lamar is on the radio? Time to scream/rap the lyrics.

10:30—Play a quick crossword puzzle because I’m 80 and immediately fall asleep.

And there ya have it. Pretty much my average day. I have good days. They may not be action packed, but they make me happy and that's all that really matters, right?
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