Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beauty Favorites

I'm always getting asked what beauty products I use. It's not really a secret that I love makeup and that I spending entirely too much money at Ulta and Sephora. And I pretty much can't leave Target without a new face wash or nail polish. It's kind of a problem, yall.

Below I've compiled a list of my beauty must haves. These are things I used on a daily/weekly basis and really cannot live without!
1// Colossal Mascara - My long time fave. 
2// St Tropez Self Tanner - Swear by this stuff. Not streaky, doesn't make you orange. Buy the glove that comes with it though!
3// Coconut Oil - I have pretty dry skin, so I put a ton of this on at night. It's also good to put on wet hair and to add into smoothies! It has incredible health benefits.
4// Jordana Eyeliner - Okay this is cheap $1 eyeliner from Walgreens, but it's so easy to glide on and it lasts all day.
5// Lorac TANtilizer Bronzer/Highlighter Duo - Bought this on a whim and I can't get enough!
6// Clarisonic Mia 2 - G's mom bought this for me for Christmas and my skin officially will never be the same. Absolutely worth every penny.
7// Chanel Chance - I used to wear this in high school and G bought me a new bottle for my birthday. Definitely my signature scent!
8// Secret Clinical Strength Stress Eliminator Deodorant  - Okay, so I swear by this deo. I have a sweating issue. I sweat through any and all deo's. I couldn't go a whole day without having to reapply. Not only does this stuff smell incredible, it lasts like 3 days.
9// Naked Palette - This is an obvious one.
10// Carmex Lipbalm - Back to the dry skin. I slather this stuff on before bed at night and I wake up with the softest lips every day.
11// Neutragena Naturals Face Wash - No harsh chemicals here, perfect for my stupid sensitive skin. Smells so yummy too! Perfect for cleansing and makeup removal, which seems to be hard to find in a lot of face washes.

I believe every girl should learn to pamper herself and learn to take care of her skin. I also believe that makeup can help make a girl feel beautiful and if she knows how to use it and it makes her feel good, then it ain't really hurtin anyone, is it? I learned from a young age the importance of taking care of my skin. That meant taking a shower daily, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen. I haven't always been great at it (this summer, I didn't shower for 3 days. Sexy, I know), but the idea has always been there. As I got older, I went through all of the phases of makeup. You know the ones. See below for my 10th grade heavy eyeliner and black tipped french manicure.

Anywho, after years of trial and error, I finally found what works for me. I've found a great mixture of quality and inexpensive products. Somedays I go glam and other days I rock a naked face. I place a high importance of how my skin looks and feels, and if that includes makeup that day, then great. Find what works for you, but don't rely on makeup to make you feel beautiful. You can't find beauty in a foundation bottle. Learn to feel good without makeup, take care of your skin and body, and add makeup from there. 


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