Tuesday, January 7, 2014

House Lustin'

I've lived in an apartment for 5 years now and it hasn't always been a walk in the park. My first apartment was so much fun, but not the most ideal living situation. I lived with 4 other girls and shared a room with someone else. The year after that, I moved in with 3 of my other best friends into a much smaller space. I shared a bathroom but finally had my own space. Eventually one of those roommates moved out and a random girl moved in. We quickly discovered she worked in the phone sex industry. Not only did I have a fucking weird roommate, but our apartment was clearly built out of cardboard because the walls to my room were paper thin (in addition to me vividly hearing my roommate, temperatures were also out of control in the summer and winter) and our ceiling literally rained on more than one occassion. Also someone shit their boxers and left them in our hallway.

Oh the perils of college apartments.

This year is the first year I've truly been on my own. My parents paid for my rent throughout college, so now that I've graduated and started working, I'm on my own. Meaning I cry monthly when I write my rent check. Living in Austin ain't cheap yall. My apartment is pretty awesome in terms of size, but it definitely has its downfalls. For example, I wake up almost every morning around 6 due to my upstairs neighbor hawking loogies and then there's usually a huge dog fight outside every night around 10pm. Real fun.

I've seriously been lusting about owning a home. Having a backyard and not listening to the people above me stomp around sounds like heaven. I'm not really in a position right now to make that leap just yet, but a girl can lust can't she?

Love the colors here. It's bright but neutral at the same time. Perfection.

Yes, this will do.

Love the tiles and dark cabinets. Though I also love that antique white look. Choices, choices!

Yes, gimme.

I can just picture a pooch greeting me at the door everyday. I neeeeed.

I just want a cozy little house that's decked out in Pottery Barn that's filled with my man and a cute pup and lots of wine and possibly a pool.

A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. The pool part though, I'll take that ANY day.

  2. Love that b&w rug in the kitchen! I actually FINALLY have an apartment I love, but I'm getting married later this summer and am dreading having to find a bigger place for me and my guy to live in....apartment searching seriously sucks. :/


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