Friday, January 3, 2014


Wooo it's Friday! Too bad my days have been super mixed up thanks to New Year's being in the middle of the week. I'm so not looking forward to next week when real life starts back up and Christmas "break" is officially over.

Sometimes being a grown up sucks. My old high school best friend that's still in school texted me and told me we should get together over the break. Uhhhh... what break? What I would give for that month long winter break I had in college. Oh well, somebody's gotta pay the bills and that somebody is me.

Anywho, I haven't done an InstaFriday in close to 100 years, so here we go!

Right before Christmas, we had a pj + Secret Santa party at work. I looked like white trash a huge idiot going out in public in my jammies.

My sweet babes is so photogenic. Just look at the smile.

I went to Nashville for Christmas and was finally reunited with my sweet girl. She wouldn't leave my side the whole time I was there.

My friend Adam is hilarious.... but an idiot.

My sweet niece Ella in the cutest outfit ever.

Can ya tell I love my nieces?

Graham and I bought a juicing and have been trying to eat healthier. So far so good! Needless to say I need to take it easy on the ginger... this has certainly been a learning process filled with weird concoctions.

G and I went on a drive the other day and passed by this in Austin. I love finding cool little corners of my city.

Being as ghostly pale as I am, I decided it had been too long since my last spray tan (or St. Tropez rubdown.. whatever) and that I needed a fresh one for NYE. So I put it on and climbed into bed to watch Parenthood. Naturally it was the saddest episode in the world so I cried a little, then immediately fell asleep. When I woke up, I literally screamed. Talk about freaking the F out.... buttttt the odds were in my favor and the streak was gone after a shower and I was left with a nice new tan. Phew!

Happy New Years from the lazy I developed from drinking and my handsome boyfriend!

Happy Friday! My weekend is going to consist of a fake pregnant belly, lots of laundry, and lots of Netflix. Have a good one!


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