Thursday, January 2, 2014


I don't think I made any real resolutions last year, mainly because I knew I was going to have a whirlwind of a year (plus I know I'm not the only one that never keeps them haha). However, 2014 doesn't have any impending craziness, which means making some realistic resolutions may be just what I need. 2013 was quite the learning experience in more ways than one, and I'd like to do whatever I can to be the best person I can be for myself, my relationships, and my job.

1. Live a healthier lifestyle
Seriously every year, I say I’m going to quit drinking Coke, but really… it ain’t happenin. I love it too much. However, I did just buy a juicer and have started tracking what I eat in My Fitness Pal. That app makes me feel guilty when I eat bad things, so I guess that’s a sign it’s working, right? I loathe working out, but maybe I’ll jump on the working out train… baby steps at first! It would be cool to do a pilates class though. Knowing I have to go every week because I’m shelling out an arm and a leg should be enough motivation for me haha. We’ll see.

2. Spend more time outside
I read somewhere the other day that you’re more prone to illness and less mental clarity when you coop yourself up all day. And seeing as how I work in an office for 8+ hours a day, then immediately go home and stay indoors all evening, I’m not getting any fresh air. I don’t think the short 15 minute dog walk is doing me much help. So! I plan on spending at least 30 minutes to an hour each day outside. It may be reading, playing with the dog, going for a walk, or hell, maybe even a run if I’m feeling adventurous. And when it gets warmer, I plan on spending more time by water and going on hikes.

3. Be as nice as possible, in every situation
I’m not a bitch by any means, but I have been known to show my frustration or annoyance when things don’t go my way or I happen to be in one of those moods… I’ve actually been told by several people that one of my most redeeming qualities is that I’m incredibly nice. That doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I’m quick to react and may not be so nice without really stepping back and reevaluating the situation. I see myself doing this at work a lot and it needs to stop. I need to learn to be more patient and understanding. Another side to this whole “being nice as possible” thing is that you never know when you might turn someone’s day around by kindness. Seriously. Open a door for a stranger, ask someone how their day is going, or just shoot someone a smile. The world is full of grumpy people and I don’t want to be one of those people. That said, I’m still allowed to get annoyed with people on the road in traffic and at the grocery store, because I swear to god people turn into freakin morons when they step foot onto either of those places :)

4. Blog daily (or at least 3x a week)
I want to be more dedicated to this little space of the world. Plus I loved re-reading all my old posts from 2013 when writing my recap and wished I had written more down.

5. Love harder
This means calling my family more often, spending more time with friends, and not slacking in my relationship. It’s easy to get comfortable and set in your ways and 2013 was a year for me to do the bare minimum at times. I definitely didn’t call my grandma as much as I should’ve and I definitely felt too busy for friends at times. And poor Graham. Some days I should’ve squeezed him tighter and thanked him for being so awesome. So for 2014, I’m going to love reallllll hard.

6. Save 15% or more of my salary.

In addition, the person I'd like to be in 2014 will be happy, healthy, in love, and a hard worker. I want to leave 2014 feeling that way. So here's to 2013! Thanks for being the best year of my life; I hate to see ya go.


  1. All of these are great! Good Luck with them

  2. I think saving should ALWAYS be a goal! I put that as one of my goals when I posted the other day. As far as working out, before you spend money, take full advantage of Pinterest. There are a ton of free workouts and I post ones I create on there. Juicing is great, but make sure you get your veggies in there, too! Many people do fruits alone and it's honestly too much sugar. Oh, and I like to add a little healthy fat to it! (chia seeds, nuts, cottage cheese, etc)

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