Monday, February 17, 2014

Vday Lovin' + Weekend

Oh hey.. me again. Shocking, since this is my blog and all. Don't mind me... I am just delirious and am having a case of the Mondays. This weekend ended wayyyyy too soon. And since I spent pretty much the whole day in bed yesterday nursing a hangover from hell, I feel like I lost a day and deserve it back. That's how it should work, right?

Anywhoooos, this weekend was an exciting one. Here lately, our weekends have been super low-key. Lots of staying in, movie watching, and sleeping late. So naturally, I'm wiped out from all of the excitement.

Ooh ooh! Before I start in on my weekend, I need to give a shoutout to my parents (hi mom!) for sending me warm cookies and chocolate covered strawberries from Tiff's Treats straight to my desk at work on Thursday. Such a sweet surprise! Parents make the best valentines.

Friday, we had a dessert potluck at work and I pretty much got diabetes and couldn't function the rest of the afternoon due to my inability to say no to all things sweet. It was sooo good. 

After work, I beat Graham home to set up this cute little surprise. Too bad he didn't plan for me beating him home and all of my gifts were sitting unwrapped on his bed. Haha, such a ding dong.

He got three bottles of our favorite wine (wait, isn't that a present too me too?), some homemade chocolate covered strawberries and peanut butter balls, the cutest card ever from Tiny Prints (can we talk about how cute that card is!? I chose from a wide variety of options for every flippin holiday ever and added my own picture and words. So cute), and a scale.

Yep. A scale. He bought me workout clothes. Clearly the lovey-dovey gifts were out this year and fitness was in. Except we also didn't coordinate the chocolate purchasing and had close to 30 chocolate covered strawberries between the two of us in the fridge this weekend. Fitness obviously went out the door because those puppies are too delicious to pass up.

He also grilled me a steak and made his famous mashed potatoes, all paired with our fave wine. I died and went straight to heaven, yall.

I scored big time. I mean what a jack of all trades, right? And then our romantic Valentines Day night ended with an intense game of Mario Party, cause that's how we do.

Saturday was a good one. I intended on going to my barre class, but I was way too lazy and settled on eating Quiznos instead, like the fitness queen that I am. Since it was my best friend/roommate's birthday, we spent the latter half of Saturday day drinking by the lake and pregaming our night out with Mexican food and margs. It's important to note that I do not drink heavily anymore. I was a damn tank in college (a whopping 9 months ago) and now I can no longer hang. So I paced myself and only drank 2 beers and 1 margarita over the course of 4 hours because I am a responsible adult and I also did not want to fall asleep at 9pm.

Long story short of the rest of the evening: we went out, my best friend barfed in a trash can in the middle of a bar, and we were home by 12:30. I also took my second tequila shot of my whole life because Graham made me and I did not hate it. So there's that.

Sunday, I barely moved... because I clearly can't hang.

And that was my exciting Valentines weekend. Here's to hoping yours was full of love too!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why We Work

Holy moly I have been excited for this linkup ever since Bonnie announced it! Any time I get to ramble on and on about my man and make my readers want to barf is a good day, right? Plus it's almost Valentines Day and I know yall haven't seen enough mush.

You wanna know why Graham and I work?

We work because he's encouraging. He pushes me to succeed in everything I do, whether it's work or exercise or ping pong. We work because he's calculated and I can be a bit irrational. It makes life interesting and balanced. We work because we both love plain cheese pizza and chocolate sprinkle donuts. We work because I happily watch soccer with him as long as he let's me pick where we eat for lunch. We work because we appreciate the finer things in life like lazy Sundays, wine, and New Girl together. We work because he makes me tell him what's wrong, especially when I don't want to say it. He can read my emotions like the back of my hand, and while I hate that, I also find it endearing that he cares so much. We work because he puts up with my constant need to chat about nothing. We work because he treats me like a princess and still takes me on dates. We work because he's a much better cook than me, and sometimes a girl needs a perfectly grilled steak. We work because we make each other leave our comfort zones to make the other happy. It has made us both much better people.

I don't care that he teases me every minute of the day and forces me to fall asleep with the TV on and he doesn't care that I leave my shit everywhere (yes he does) or that I cannot control myself around sweets. I love that he is so smart and ambitious and he loves that I'm kind and easy-going. Graham has made my life exponentially better. I can't wait to see what our days have in store.

My heart is so full.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pit & Peak

Whats up what's upppp. Thank god for this link up because I was fresh out of ideas for today's post.  Basically, every Friday, these lovely ladies let you brag, whine, or spill your heart out about your week. You detail every little peak and pit of your week, Kardashian style. I love this because I'm a stickler for remembering the details. At the end of 2013, I wrote a lengthy post about everything that happened each month, and I hated that I didn't document enough memories.

This link-up changes everrrrrything....

  • I started taking barre classes and they are aweeeesome! I mean, I'm ridiculously sore. But I'm finally getting in shape. On my own terms. I motivated myself, and I'm really proud of that.
  • New Girl was hilarious this week. I feel like the past couple of episodes weren't super funny.
  • I've been having exceptional messy buns days. Yall know the ones I'm talking about.
  • I ordered a super cute sweater from Gap while they were having a 30% off sale. Super cute.
  • We got a late start today at work due to the weather, which meant I had the chance to pick up a delicious breakfast taco on the way in. If you want a way into my heart, buy me a breakfast taco.
  • While work has been crazy, it's really rewarding when you realize you can pull something off. It's nice to get recognition and feel like a badass

  • Work is insane. There are seriously not enough hours in the day. A little over a month left of this project, can I get a halllllelujah!
  • I've really been missing my mom.
  • I'm tired of the damn cold. Hurry up warm weather.
  • I tried making homemade macaroons last night. Huge fail. 
  • Did I mention work is nuts?

Now, for a fun weekend! Aside from my dental procedure tomorrow morning (yes, on a Saturday), I plan to be super relaxed. I have a few errands to run (reminds me.. I haven't been to Targ in a while) and some yoga on Sunday. OH and Graham said we could eat bad this weekend! I'm so over eating healthy. Life is good.

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