Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lists Are Fun... (I Haven't Blogged In A While)

List is still.... weird for me. But I want to keep up with memories and my early adulthood, so I'm doing this list for funsies.

What/when was the last...

...recipe I made? I made homemade biscuits the other day for a Friday work treat. And they were DAMN good.

...good decision I made? To trust my gut and take a risk with a certain something. I let go of the fear I had and went for something that was probably dumb, but I enjoyed it and that's all that really mattered. Sorry I can't go into more detail. Maybe one day. (Making a note to myself for when I read this in the future: the Kanye shirt day/night). place I went? A bar on East 6th that had a cool vibe and a fun band. Too bad I can't remember what it was called. I watched? Married At First Sight. Don't judge....

...awesome thing that happened? See the good decision above. Something I had been wanting to happen for a long time finally happened. Took it long enough!

...thing I bought for myself? Taco Bell for dinner. That's not embarrassing or anything.

...good photo of me? I took a selfie yesterday to let everyone know I'm actually not miserable.

...bad decision I made? I don't know how to play it cool. Let's leave it at that.

...time I was really excited? See the good decision/awesome thing that happened. Twas a great day.

...time I had a free weekend? Last weekend was purty free. 
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