Sunday, October 5, 2014

Remember That Time I Was A Blogger?

Heyyyyo. This summer was something else. And it made me forget that I used to blog and enjoy it. So cool. Thanks for welcoming me back.

To be completely honest, I didn't really want to blog about this summer because I didn't want to remember my life this summer. And after I typed that sentence, that made me sound like the most unhappy person on the planet.

Let me explain: I went through a heart-wrenching breakup this summer. One that knocked me to my feet and challenged me in ways I thought I never even knew I could be challenged. It has changed me in the wildest ways. I miss Graham every day, but this breakup was totally detrimental to my emotional growth, and for that I am forever grateful. For every girl reading this that has been through something similar: you are awesome, you are strong, and if anything good came out of it, it's that you are a more whole person because of it. And if you haven't gone through something like this... well, bless your heart. I hope it never happens to you and I hope you are able to grow as a person without having to go through a heartbreak. Cause it just plain sucked.

.....and that's all I have to say about that.

But now that I'm back on my feet, I thought I'd get back to something I enjoyed: this ole blog. A lot's gone on since I last blogged. So I'm going to let my Instagram photos do the talking. Instead of sitting around moping, I decided to really live.

I've been forcing myself to do things I'd normally say no to. I'm trying to be a friendlier, happier, more positive person and I can totally see how it's bleeding into all areas in my life. Work is going great, my Etsy business is doing even better, I'm making great friends, and I'm just generally having lots and lots of fun. When we first broke up, I was terrified of being alone and doing things by myself. Now, I'm Miss Independent (cue Destiny's Child). I am 100% my own person now. It still feels kind of weird, but I know I needed it and I kind of love it.

So without further ado...... Photos from August until now. Enjoyyyy.

I'll start with this gem. A few months ago, I asked my single friends what I should say to get out of a date with someone. This was their response...... Because naturally.

Visiting family for Labor Day. Is my niece not the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on?!

So grateful for these girls. They truly brought me back to life. Also, this is a work boat party because I work at a cooooool ass office.

First game of the season gameday attire. I want to marry my Longhorn Luchesse's.

My asshole friends decided to prank me by commenting on Lindsay Lohan's Instagram, saying that my number was hers.... Because, of course.

Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Thank God for high school friends that stuck around.

This is a cheddar cheese ice cream sandwich from Qui. It blew my mind.
Earlier this month, our office volunteered at an elementary school. It was Space Week and I'm not realllllly sure who was most excited: us or the kids. 

A friend got proposed to during a Jay-Z/Beyonce Singalong at the Alamo Drafthouse. It was so perfectly her and it was such fun to be a part of it!

And then a week later I went to a Clueless Quotealong at the Alamo Drafthouse because apparently I can't get enough of that place.

How you doiiiin Oktoberfest?

My ideal night: a run to get my mind off things, a glass of wine to fall into a deeper relaxation, and a documentary on Free Masons to put me to sleep.

That is a donut. And a Coors. Because that's how you do 2:30 games. I like to call this a tailgating brunch.

And then after I tailgated in the above photo yesterday, I went to ACL. It was awesome. Crowded, but the weather was perfect and seeing Eminem made 11-year-old Megan die happily.

And I ended my weekend this weekend with a grocery trip to Trader Joe's. I saw this and realized it was every basic white girl's fantasy. Props to me for not indulging. 

I'll be back on the saddle again very soon!


  1. Glad you're back!! Great post!

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  3. Looks so fun! especially the trader joes pumpkin EVERYTHING! I need to go this year, stat!

    xo, Lisa @ Showered With Design

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